American Airlines Credit Card Review

The credit cards are the needs of each and every person these days. We especially need such cards for tours and other purchases all over the world.

One such card is issued by Citi Bank which especially deals with the airlines and all the ticketing process you need during the travels all around the world.

This card gives you many offers and benefits when you are on your way to any part of the world. They not only make sure that you get the best and VIP status in the airline but they also provide you ease in ticketing with some awesome discounts and rewards as well.

You must have used other credit cards as well but this one is more promising than others and gives you a lot of new features and benefits to enjoy your life while traveling.

American Airlines Credit Card Application

American Airlines Credit Card
American Airlines Credit Card

It is very easy to apply for the credit card of an American airline. You can enjoy the perks of the credit card after applying for it.

Billing address

All you need is the billing address of the US for the application of the credit card. If you are not having a billing address inside US then you are not eligible for the credit card of American airlines.

Once you apply for the credit card and get approval from the American airline, the company will give you an account number that too online within the next few minutes.

All they do is have a check on the data and information provided by you and then gives you an account number which you later use for all the financial tasks.

No interests

The American airline won’t charge you any interest at all on the purchases of more than $150. However, there is a condition for these purchases that you need to pay it back to the company within the next 6 months.

In case you are unable to pay the dues to the company within the next 6 months then an interest rate is also applicable on your account from the date when you purchased using the credit card of an American airline.

They need the minimum payments from you on the last date of those six months otherwise the penalties are applicable on your account.

They will first establish your account in the American online. They will send you an American airline credit card which then you can use further for all the purchases.

American airlines credit card login

The login to the online resource of the company will change everything for you. You can easily manage each and everything from that online log in the portal of the company.

All you need is the username and password to log in to your account of the American airline credit card. After logging in to the account you are totally accepting all the terms and conditions of the company.

This online resource of the company will make sure that you can easily manage all the details of your account.

You can also make payments to your card using the online resource of the company.

This online log in also contains all of your personal details. You can also make changes to this information if needed.

You can also delete some of your information. The online portal of the company also makes sure that you have the paperless statements as well from the American Airlines credit card.

This means you don’t have to visit the company office every time you want to have the statements of your account.

There is one more advantage in it. You can track all of your purchases easily using the credit card of the company.

The online login will also display all the rewards and the offers for which you are eligible.

American airlines credit card 75000 miles

This card offers a bonus which no other card in the market can match to. They provide a well-known and significant bonus to the customers of 75,000 miles when you spend more than $7,500 in the first three months after opening an account with the company.

This bonus makes it one of the best cards in the world for the consumers especially if their priority is traveling all over the world.

There are times when you redeem the points they are equal to the value of $1,000 in the real world.

If the customers can spend more than $40,000 in the calendar year, another bonus offer is waiting for them. Yes, they are given elite qualifying miles of 10,000 which is also a great benefit to the cardholders of the company.

American airlines credit card payment

There are many benefits which you can earn after becoming a member of American airline credit card. They have many payment plans which can help you fly all around the world.

The approval process of the company is also very instant and helps you get easy approvals from the company.

It also helps you in this way that you have to pay fewer payments monthly. This means you can adjust with your budget easily with this.

There is no annual fee for this credit card by American airline credit card. You can enjoy the perks of the card anywhere in the world without paying anything annually to the company.

The best thing about this card is that you can add some additional users as well to the credit card. The company will not charge you anything at all for these extra added users.

Online account management is the basic need of all cardholders these days and American airline credit card provides you that.

You can buy goods in more than 50 islands from US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as well. You can apply for the card right now and enjoy all these perks of the American airline credit card.

Where to use it?

The card can be used anywhere in the world. You can easily use it at the ticket counters and airport kiosks as well.

The card by American airline can be used on the Flagship lounges, Admiral Clubs and other Arrival lounges of the airports of the world.

Obviously, you can use the card at for the products and other American-operated flights in the world.

You can talk to the agent of the company on phone and discuss all the details regarding the payments to them.

The phone number for US, Canada, and Puerto Rico is given below.

800-733-2654 Monday – Friday

You can call them during the mentioned timing which is 8 a.m. – 7 p.m. (CT)

If you are calling them from any other location then please use the number given below.

423-477-6512 (charges may apply)

Payments by mail

You can make payments to them using the mail services as well. The mail address of the company is given below.

American Airlines Credit Plan

P.O. Box 183015

Columbus, OH 43128-3015

If you have questions related to the customer service of the company or any other question related to billing then you can reach out to the following address by writing them via mail.

American Airlines Credit Card

P.O. Box 6403

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-6403

American airlines credit card offers

The company provides you with many offers and rewards once you use the credit card of the company. You can buy different gifts and earn miles as well by using the credit card of the company.

You can also have 10% off on your tickets of the American airline. You also have the chance to earn more than 85,000 miles from the American airline credit card.

They not only have the deals for the airline but other things related to the traveling. You can have bonus and rewards from them on hotels, cruises, and cars as well which you use during your travel ventures.

They also provide you with some investment offers. You can invest today for a better future with an American airline.

These business ventures can give you more than 30,000 miles as a reward.

The rewards are also available on the American airline hotels as well all around the world. You can easily earn up to 10,000 miles that too in a single night.

You can have the complete details of these rewards and offers from the website of the company.


There is an offer named rocket miles by the company. On your first booking in the hotel using the American airline credit card, you can get up to 3,000 miles as a reward.

Offers on car rentals

The company also provides you offer on the car rentals. You can rent a car anywhere in the world and get good discounts from the company.

You can book a taxi of Alamo from anywhere in the world and get awesome offers on it. You can earn up to 200 miles in a single day for booking using the credit card of American airline credit card.

The other company which is giving a discount to its customers using the American airline credit card includes Avis & Budget which gives you off up to 35% on the rides and you can earn bonus miles as well on this taxi service.

The dollar is another company which gives you up to 200 miles in a single day for the booking from American airline credit card.

You can also earn offer using the services of Thrifty and earn up to 200 miles in a single day. Hertz is another company which is giving discounts to the customers of an American airline. They can save up to 35% on the bookings.

You can additionally earn 6 miles as well on bookings using the credit card.

Retail offers

You can get many offers from the retail services all around the country.

FTD Flowers

This is a dedicated retail store in the country which can give you awesome offers and benefits that too on using the American airline credit card on their shop.

You can earn up to 20 miles on spending a single dollar on these stores in the country.

Awards on the flights

You can also earn different offers and awards using the American airline credit card services. Using the miles which you earn from the flights, you can fly to nearly 1,000 exciting destinations all over the world.

The first type of award which you can earn here is named an AAnytime award that too on any seat of the American Airline or on the American Eagle flights that too for as low as of 20,000 miles on each side.

You can also use this mile for fewer miles as well. You can get these awards right after you book the flight for the company.

They will also provide you with miles on some other airlines which have a partnership with them. You can use all of your miles and combinable, you can travel the whole world.

These awards can be used for the one-way, travel to multiple cities of the world and for round-trip as well. This is applicable to all the partner airlines of the company.

American Airlines Credit Card Customer Service

They have a dedicated server for all of their clients. You can easily count on the service whenever experiencing any issue in the service of the company.

Phone number

The phone number of the company is available for all the customers from 9 AM to 8 PM as per ET. You can register your complaints to them and get a reasonable answer from them as well.

The phone number of the company is given below.


Additional phone numbers of company

There are additional phone numbers of the company which are dealing with some specific issues and can be contacted whenever needed.

These numbers will assist you with all the technical faults in the system or if you are hearing impaired. These numbers are also given for the people who are living outside the US and Canada.

Technical Assistance

The phone number for the technical assistance of the customers is given below.


Phone numbers for Hearing Impaired

The company also has special customer care for those who are impaired for hearing and other issues. The TDD/TTY is given below which can be contacted during the working hours.


Outside US, Canada, and Puerto Rico

There is a special number for the people who are outside US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. These people can contact the company and register their complaints and all other necessary issues regarding the company.

The number of the company is given below.


Use Mail Services

You can also write to the company using the mail services of the company. The address for sending the mails to the company is given below.

You can expect a response from the company within the next three working days. They will try their best to solve your issues with the company and give you all the necessary guidance in using the credit card for betterment.

General Correspondence

American Airlines Credit Card™

P.O. Box 7032

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-7032

Payment Address

You can also send payments to the company on their mail. Make sure you are not sending them cash, these payments must be in the form of a cheque.

You must send the cheque to the company prior to the last due date of your payments in the company because the mail can take time in reaching the headquarter of the company.

Count the days and send it to advance because if it reaches them late you are liable for all the penalties which the company offers to the late payments.

The address for the payment is given below.

American Airlines Credit Card™

P.O. Box 9001006

Louisville, KY 40290-1006

American Airlines Credit Card™

6716 Grade Ln STE 910

Louisville, KY 40213


You must have got a clear idea about all the services the credit card is offering right now to its customers.

It is indeed a very good choice for you if you travel a lot and often face issues in the airline ticketing and some other hoteling stuff.

This card can be very helpful to such people and save a lot of money in their travels and give them time and money to travel a lot more easily and openly.

You can get VIP status and many lounges all over the world and can have preferred ticketing as well using the credit card of American airlines.

They have no blackout dates and you are free to travel anywhere due to the large network the company has right now.

This is indeed the perfect thing you are looking for and can have awesome benefits using the services and incredible offers of American airline credit card.

Your say

You must have used some other cards in the previous years for your travel purposes. What is your experience with all these cards in the recent years?

Would you prefer those cards over this card by American airline and this one is much better for traveling? What is the best thing about this card?

If you think you would prefer some other card than please share the reasons why?