American Express Centurion Card

American Express Centurion Card

AmEx credit card

What is the American Express Centurion Card? Probably a lot of people have heard the story that a black card is shown in a bar to attract numerous beauties to compete. What is this card?

American Express Centurion Card
American Express Centurion Card


  1. Titanium alloy production, feel excellent.
  2. You can upgrade to first class at a discount when flying with many airlines, and you can enjoy the most honorable member service when waiting for the flight.
  3. You can enjoy the chef’s personal service at the Michelin restaurant.
  4. There is no credit limit, and legend has it that the only credit card in the world that can buy a plane by swiping a card directly.
  5. Delays are enough to pay for the ticket in full.
  6. In many high-end hotels can be directly promoted to the top membership, enjoy a variety of discounts.
  7. Private shopping experience can be enjoyed in many luxury brand stores.
  8. The registration fee is only $7,500 and the annual fee is only $2,500.





This card is not open for application, only invitations are sent to those whom American Express deems appropriate.




American Express Centurion Card is the king of credit CARDS! The legendary card, the symbol of the top status! If you receive the invitation, you can do it without hesitation…

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