American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant credit card

American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant credit card [American Express SPG Luxury]

AmEx credit card


  1. Bonus for card opening: 100000 Marriott points can be obtained if you spend more than $5000 within 3 months of card opening.
  2. The number of points obtained by this card is Marriott points (because SPG has been officially merged into one by Marriott now), and our valuation is 0.7 cents / point. As a result, the maximum card opening reward value of 100k is about $700.
  3. Consumption in Marriott group hotels (including Marriott, Ritz Carlton, SPG) can obtain 6x Marriott points, restaurant and air consumption 3x, and other consumption 2x.
  4. From the next year, free night will be delivered one night after the annual fee is paid. It can be used in Marriott hotels at 50K and below.
  5. This card can refer a friend: if you recommend this card to a friend and apply successfully, you can get 20K Marriott points for each successful card, with the upper limit of 55k / calendar year.
  6. No Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF)。
  7. Metal card.
  8. Unlimited free use of boingo Wi Fi (a common airport Wi Fi signal).
  9. Member of Marriott gold.
  10. And if you spend $75K a year, you can get a Marriott platinum membership. Tip: the most important benefits (free breakfast, lounge, room upgrade, etc.) need to be for Marriott Platinum members or above.
  11. This card can be reimbursed for global entry ($100) or TSA pre ✓ ($85). Global entry is a fast track for us customs, and TSA pre ✓ is a fast track for us domestic airports. Only US citizens or green card holders can apply for them.
  12. Starting from 2019, 15 elite night credits will be given annually (calendar year) (Elite nights are for upgraded membership, not free nights).
  13. American Express offers are available on this card, and there are often some great discounts, like a $15 rebate from Walmart for $5, or an $75 rebate from Amazon for $25.
  14. Each year (membership year) you can be reimbursed $300 for consumption in SPG, Marriott, ritz-carlton hotels. The normal room rate is also included.
  15. Cardholders receive a separate Priority Pass Select (PPS) card that can be used in many lounges around the world. A complimentary PPS card can carry up to two travelers for free, and additional personnel are charged at $27 per person. (please note that PPS card sent by American Express card can only enter PPS cooperation airport for free).
  16. Each marriott account will receive up to 15 nights of elite nights credit from the credit card.


American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant credit card
American Express Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant credit card


The annual fee of $450. All credit card annual fees are not included in the card opening consumption task.


If you meet one of the following criteria, you will not be eligible for credit card rewards:

  1. Held or held within 30 days: Chase ritz-carlton;
  2. Rewards for opening or upgrading CARDS within 24 months: Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless, Chase Marriott Bonvoy Bold, Chase Marriott veteran, Chase Marriott business card veteran.
  3. Within 90 days: Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless, Chase Marriott Bonvoy Bold, Chase Marriott old card, Chase Marriott business card old card;
  4. Credit history more than six months can try to apply.
  5. American Express is not sensitive to Hard Pull quantities.
  6. American Express allows you to hold up to five CARDS at a time. Charge CARDS are not subject to this rule.
  7. Only two credit CARDS can be approved within 90 days. The Charge Card is not bound by this rule. CARDS approved in the same day will merge Hard Pull.




Suggested Application Time

You can only get a credit card once in your life, so wait until the highest offer comes along before applying.

When you apply for a card, American Express may pop up a window to tell you that because you have a bad relationship with American Express, you cannot get the bonus of opening the card. In this case, use your existing American Express card and try not to close the card. It will probably be ok to wait a while.


Best Reversion Option

This card cannot be downgraded to a no-fee card, so it is recommended to close the card if you do not want to hold it.


After the Application

American Express reconsideration back door phone: 877-399-3083. American express is well protected from its true backdoor, and generally calls are made by the customer service staff there.



The 100k credit card reward is very modest. As a $450 annual fee card, the spending ability to earn bonus points is not very good. The long-term holding value of this card is to buy an FN of up to 50k with the equivalent annual fee of $150.

Is it worth it? Up to 50k FN can be switched to Cat 6 standard or Cat 7 off-peak for one night. These upscale hotels can easily cost more than two or three hundred a night, so it’s worth paying $150 a night.


Another point worth discussing is that the only way to get a new Marriott Plainum rating without living in a hotel is to charge $75k with this card or Chase ritz-carlton.

Is it worth it? Assuming you have the ability to swipe $75k, the opportunity cost of $75k is $75k*2%=$1500 (considering there is a 2% card with no annual fee rebate), and you get 75k*2 = 150k Marriott points in addition to the Marriott Platinum rating, which is worth about $1200. Therefore, the true cost of purchasing Marriott Platinum on this card is approximately $300. Whether Marriott Platinum is worth $300 depends on whether you’ve used benefits enough times. However, if you live enough, 50n is not too hard to reach, so I think it is probably not a good choice for most people to pay $75k.

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