Benefits of having the Sears Credit Card

Benefits of Sears Credit Card

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Do you shop at Sears regularly? Are you their regular shopper? Do you like their products? If the answer is yes to all the questions, you should get a Sears credit card. Many other retailers have this system of giving out credit cards to those who are interested in their store. The Sears credit card is backed by Citi lets the cardholders have a lot of advantages and benefits.

You can buy products without any interests whereas if you were a typical customer without a card, you would have to pay. There are many products which we cannot buy instantly because they are expensive. It can be a laptop, table tennis table, scooter, hot tubs and other items. Therefore, if you are paying them monthly, you do not have to pay anything extra as interest. You have the whole year to pay them, so there is no stress or pressure. For example, a table tennis table can cost $700. Spending the big amount at once would be hard. If you can divide the number and pay over a twelve-month period, each month you give only $58.3. Another advantage is that they might even give you a discount if you have a card on your purchase which can make it $600. As a result, you are paying only $50 for the amazing and huge table tennis table you bought!

There is a membership service which is Shop Your Way where you can join. You can pay them any way you like and connect with your account. There is the point system for every item you purchase; you will earn points. You can later claim for rewards from the points. Another good news is that you can get products free of cost. If you are a “Shop Your Way” member, you can use the connected Sears card and get extra points which are 2% of the purchase.

Benefits of having the Sears Credit Card

Benefits of having the Sears Credit Card

It is surprising that many customers win free products which cost thousands of dollars. If you visit their store most of the time, you can get their card which comes in two forms. One is the standard, and the other is MasterCard. You can use the second one anywhere they accept MasterCard. The Sears MasterCard will get you discounts only for their products and network whereas regular Master Cards get you discounts at many places.

You should know that there is no annual fee, but you have to pay an interest rate which is 25.24%. It is higher than many other stores giving out credit cards to their customers. You should know that even though you can save money buying their product, it is dependent on you. You have to maintain the balance on the credit card and pay all the money you owe them. The card is beneficial for those who are regular shoppers at Sears.