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What are the Best Travel Credit Cards? The new world is experiencing many changing in it. One of the most prominent and the best change is when we look at the new financial system of the world.

Banks all over the world are providing many new opportunities to the people out there. They make sure that the clients get the best thing in their financial life.

All the banks are offering credit cards to its customers. These cards are designed specifically for different tasks. These cards offer many benefits to the holders.

Similar the banks are offering cards which are made specifically for the touring purposes. They suit the people who love to travel a lot.

We are going to shed some light on the best travel cards issued by the banks these days. These cards are going to make your travels even easier and let you pay all your dues during the travel.

They not only help you in paying but give you awesome bonuses and coupons as well. these coupons and bonuses can be redeemed as well later.

These cards are accepted all over the world and most of them don’t even charge any transaction fees from the clients, which makes them even better to use.

Best Travel Rewards Credit Card

Some of the best cards when it comes to rewarding are discussed below.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card

As the name suggests this card is issued by Chase.

You can easily become a part of this card and the best thing about this card is that it will ease your travel especially if you are spending a lot on your tours.

They are also offering a very big sign up bonus to its clients.

The card is not charging an annual fee during the first year but then it charges $95 from the clients. When we look at the features and the bonuses it offers the fee is justified.

APR of all the cards in the world is variable. This card is offering an APR of 17.49% to 24.49% these days.

Some cards in the world also impose penalty APR on their clients. You don’t have to worry about any such penalty while using this card.

  • Requirements

Well, as the card is a good choice for the people with high spending’s so you need to have good credit scores to get approved for this card. You can become a member of this card if you have an excellent credit score.

They have a transfer fee for the balance. The fee is either 5$ or the 5% of the whole amount. Whichever amount is greater is deducted from the account as a fee for the transfer.

  • Advance cash fee

They also have the exact amount for the cash advance fee. They will deduct 10$ or 5% of each advance. The amount which is greater is deducted from the account.

  • Transaction fee foreign

They will not charge anything from you for foreign transactions. This is also a good feature of the card which makes it one of the best travel cards these days.

  • Some additional benefits

The card also offers many additional benefits to its customers. If you spend $4,000 during the first 3 months on the purchases then the card gives you 50,000 bonus points as well.

When you redeem this amount using the Chase Ultimate Rewards it becomes $625. This card is also declared the best travel card in the world by Money magazine recently.

They will also give you points for dining worldwide. You are given 2 points by the company for spending a single dollar.

If you authorize another user that also gives you bonus points up to 5,000. No transaction fees when it comes to the foreign soil which makes it even better for all your travels.

They are also giving 1:1 transfer point to the hotel loyalty and the leading airlines in the world.

This card makes your travels faster and easier than ever. They don’t have any blackout dates or any travel restrictions so you can visit the whole world freely without any problem.

Marriott Rewards Premier Plus Credit Card

This card is also issued by Chase, which makes it a good choice for all of your traveling needs.

This is another best card when it comes to traveling. This card suits the people who want to have a huge sign-up bonus and hotel rewards as well that too having huge loyalty.

This card charges an annual fee as well from the clients. You have to pay $95 annually to the company.

  • APR of the card

APR of the card is mostly variable but mostly the APR remains 17.49% to 24.49%.  they also have zero penalty for the customers which makes it a good choice.

  • Requirements

They also require excellent credit for the approval of the card. You need to give good credit score and no bad rankings from the banks during the last year.

  • Transfer fee for balance

They have a transfer fee for the balance as well. The transfer fee for the balance is either 5$ to the 5% of the total amount which is transferred. The amount which is greater from these two is deducted from the account.

  • Fee for cash advance

They have a fee for the cash advances as well. They will charge you 10$ or the 5% of the total amount from every cash advance. Whichever amount is greater will be deducted from your account.

No foreign transaction fee is charged to the clients which makes it a good card to use abroad during your tours.

  • Some additional benefits

They have many additional benefits as well. Most of these benefits are for a short span of time. If you spend $5,000 on purchases after signing up then you are given bonus points up to 100,000.

They will also give points to their customers on the anniversary of the account opening as well.

If you spend or participate at the Marriott and SPG hotels, you are given 6 points for every dollar spent.

The customers are also given 2 points to the customer for every single dollar which they spend on the purchases.

They will also upgrade your status once you spend the amount of the money which they have for the gold status.

They are also starting some special cards for their customers. They will select 15 members every year and then allow them special cards.

You are offered much free night’s stay as a reward by this credit card.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

This card as the name suggests is offered by Capital One.

This is another good card for the travels all around the world. This card is best for the flat rate travel rewards all over the world.

Most of the cards in the world are charging an annual fee from the customers. The cards with good benefits have some fee as well. This card will charge nothing for the first year from the customers. However, after that, the company charges you $95 each year.

  • APR of the card

The APR is important when it comes to the selection of the credit card. The APR of the card is mostly variable but at this time the card is charging 14.49% to 24.49%.

  • Requirements

You need an excellent credit score to become a member of this credit card. They won’t accept the application of your credit score is not good.

  • Some additional benefits

Like all other best traveling cards they won’t charge you any penalty when it comes to the APR of the card.

  • Transfer fee for the balance

The transfer fee for the balance is 0$ which makes it a good choice for all the customers.

  • Fee for the Cash Advance

They will charge you a fee for the cash advance as well. They will charge you 3% of the cash which is in advance. However, if the amount comes out to be less than $10 then they will deduct 10$ from you.

  • Transaction fee for foreign transfers

This card also charges nothing from you when you are out of the country or sending money out of the country. This also makes them a good choice.

  • Some additional benefits

If you spend $3,000 on the purchases during the first 3 months then you are given a bonus of 50,000 miles which equals almost $500 in travel.

They will give you some other benefits that too on each purchase. These bonuses include 2 miles for every single purchase.

They have special plans for you and miles as well when it comes to hoteling, they will give you 10 miles for spending’s on the hotels.

They will give you credit for the application fee as well. This credit given for the application is almost $100.

Using this card you can stay at any hotel around the world and fly with the airline of your own choice.  There are no restrictions for you, you can avail all these offers anytime.

You don’t have to worry about the blackout dates as well and have the liberty to travel anytime.

The company gives you miles in the form of bonuses and these won’t expire for your whole life.

These are some of the additional benefits of the credit card.

The Platinum Card from American Express

As you can guess from the name as well, this card is issued by American Express. They have a good name in the banking sector and offering lucrative benefits to their customers.

This card is best for bonus, rewards, and benefits. You can avail all the features of the card during the traveling all around the world.

They have an annual fee as well that too from the very first year. They will charge you $550 for the very first year as well.

  • Requirements

The requirements of the card are good credit scores. You need to have excellent records in the previous year to get this credit card.

They have their own terms and conditions for the balance transfer fee as well which you can read from their official page.

  • Some additional benefits

There are many additional benefits as well with this credit card.

They will give you membership rewards as well if you get the goal in the first three months. You need to make purchases of $5,000 in the first three months and get 60,000 membership rewards from them.

They will also help you in your Uber rides as well. This offer is only for the basic members of the card. They can get annual rides of $200 from the Uber.

There are many other rewards as well which are given to the customers of the card. You can get 5 membership rewards from the company for booking flights directly from the airlines. This reward is also applicable if you book it using American Express Travel.

5 membership points are also given to the customers on all the eligible hotels as well if they are booked using

  • Platinum members

If you are the Platinum member of the card, then you can have the access to the Global Lounge as well.

They will also give you many other complimentary benefits as well with an average of $550 with all the resorts and fine hotels all around the world.

There is some other fee as well with this card which includes $200 airline fee credit and up to $200 for the baggage fee per year and some others as well.

  • Terms and conditions apply

There are terms and conditions which apply on all these fees and the benefits of the credit card which you can check in detail from the official portal of the credit card.

Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

As you can see from the name of the card it is issued by American Express and has good credibility.

This is the best card for you when it comes to rewards on the loyalty from the airlines. You can use it anywhere in the world for all of your travel needs.

They too have an annual fee as well. However, in the introductory year, they won’t charge you anything at all. After the first year, they are going to charge your $95 for every year.

APR of the card is very important and can be deciding factor in its selection for the users all over the world. This card offers an APR of 17.49% to 26.49%.  However, this rate may vary at times.

They also charge you a penalty for the APR. the rate for the penalty APR is 29.99% and this is also variable and may change with the market.

  • Requirements

They need good credit scores from the people to approve their card. If you are bankrupt in the recent years your application will not be accepted by the company.

  • Transfer fee for balance

They have transfer fee for the balance as well. They will charge you 3% of the amount you are transferring or the $5. The amount which is greater will be charged a fee from your account.

  • Fee for advance cash

They have a fee for advance cash as well. They will charge you 3% or $5 from the amount of each cash advance.

  • Foreign transaction fee

Like other good cards, they don’t charge any transaction fee out of the country. Which means you can have a lot of transactions while you are traveling anywhere in the world.

They will give you introductory bonuses as well. if you purchase more than $1,000 in the first three months you are given a bonus of 30,000 miles and another bonus as well which is $50 statement credit for making any delta purchase from your credit card.

You can earn a single mile for purchases anywhere and 2 miles for eligible purchases which are made directly with the delta.

The complete baggage is free with this card which means you can save up to $200 every year on your trips.

They also give you the option of priority boarding as well on all the flights.

There are terms and conditions for all the offers and fees of the credit card which you can read while signing up for the account.


These are some of the best cards which are used worldwide these days due to the lucrative bonuses and other offers provided by them. Most of them are charging a fee as well but when we look at the offers they provide the fee is justified.

Have you ever tried any of these cards for traveling? If yes then do share your experience with us. If you think some other card is even better, mention about that as well so that we can inform our readers about that card as well.

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