Blue Cash Preferred Card

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express (BCP) Credit Card

AmEx credit card


  1. You can get the AmEx Offer on this card, and there are often some great discounts from merchants, such as Walmart, which gets $15 back $5, and Amazon, which gets $75 back $25.
  2. $300 credit card bonus: $300 credit card bonus for spending $1,000 within 3 months.
  3. Supermarkets 6% cashback, select U.S. streaming subscriptions 6% cashback, gas and traffic 3% cashback (traffic includes taxis/rideshare, parking, tolls, trains, buses, etc.), other categories 1%.
  4. Recommend this card to a friend and upon successful application, you will receive $100 for each successful card, up to $550 / calendar year.
Blue Cash Preferred Card
Blue Cash Preferred Card


  1. In Calendar Year, the supermarket’s 6% cash back limit is $6,000, after which only 1% is allowed.
  2. The annual fee is $95. The first annual fee is not free.
  3. This card is American Express, not Visa or MasterCard, so some small supermarkets may not accept it.
  4. According to the definition of American Express, Walmart, Target and Costco do not count as supermarkets and can only get 1%.
  5. The 6% and 3% categories are limited to the United States only. Anyway, this card has a Foreign Transaction Fee, so don’t use it outside the United States.



Suggested Application Time

  1. AmEx is not sensitive to Hard Pull quantities.
  2. You can only get the reward of opening a card once in your life, so be sure to wait for the highest offer in history to apply!
  3. Credit history more than six months can try to apply.
  4. When you apply for a credit card, AmEx may pop up to inform you that because you have a bad relationship with AmEx, you are not eligible for the credit card bonus. In this case, swipe your existing AmEx card and try not to close the card. It will probably take a while.
  5. You can only apply for two credit CARDS within 90 days, and the Charge Card is not subject to this rule. CARDS approved in the same day will merge Hard Pull.
  6. The BCE/BCP application interval must not be less than 90 days or the application will be cancelled.
  7. AmEx can hold up to five credit CARDS at a time, and Charge CARDS are not subject to this rule.


After the Application

AmEx reconsideration back door phone: 877-399-3083. Amex is very well protected from its true backdoor, and calls are usually made by the customer service staff who submit requests for you. They are not directly connected to the people who decide.



This is a good shopping card. It is easy to calculate that although there is an annual fee of $95, as long as the supermarket consumption exceeds $300 per month (assuming holding Freedom), you can get more than any supermarket discount without an annual fee card. If you have a preference for MR points and can swipe up to 30 times a month, the AmEx EveryDay Preferred (EDP) is another credit card that you can hold for a long time.


The Card also has an advanced usage: find Gift CARDS from your favorite stores in the supermarket (like Shell, Amazon, etc.) or generic Gift CARDS like Visa Gift Card, and buy them with a 6% Cashback ($6000 a year limit, 1% Cashback if you exceed) in Blue Cash Preferred, and then use them to buy something else. Gift CARDS at other stores are equivalent purchases; The purchase fee for a Visa Gift Card is face value + $5.95, so it’s best to buy a Visa Gift Card with the largest denomination of $500. That works out to be about 5 to 6 percent Everything cashback! So sum up the monthly supermarket consumption should also include these consumption.

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