Gander Mountain Credit Card Login, Application and Customer Service

Gander Mountain Credit Card is issued by comenity which further increases the reputation of the credit card.

Credit cards are our primary needs these days and people love to use them all over the world. They are good choice for all the people. They make sure that you have the complete ease in all of your financial matters no matter where you are.

The old ways which use cash system are very weak and unsecure to use. It is very difficult to keep cash with yourself all the time. On the other hand the credit card is very easy to handle, you can easily keep it in your pocket or use it all over the world without any problem.

Keeping cash with you is not secure as well. You can experience any kind of theft and other such issues as well. Credit cards also give you different type of rewards and other cash backs as well which can sum up as a good discount for all the credit card holders.

These cards are also accepted all over the world making them even better choice for the people. Most of the cards these days are dealing with some specific brands and they make sure that you have complete ease while making purchases at those stores.

Why people love cards?

These cards not only provide security but also very lucrative in terms of their rewards and other terms and conditions are also very easy. The best thing about them is that they are very secure to use for all the people. Even if your card is stolen or lost the company will immediately cancel all the access of the credit card so that no other information of the card is stolen or lost.

There are many more benefits which you can experience after using this credit card because they are the new ways for making the payments these days.

The mentioned card is for a specific brand and is very helpful in meeting your shopping needs by giving you different offers and rewards programs as well. if you are not part of this card apply now and reap the benefits.

Gander Mountain Credit Card

Gander Mountain Credit Card
Gander Mountain Credit Card

There are many cards in the market these days but the specific card about which we are going to talk today is named as Gander Mountain Credit Card.

This credit card is issued by comenity which further increases the reputation of the credit card. It has a good name in the banking and credit cards of the country.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Application

Application form is quite simple and can easily be filled online by the applicant.

All you need is to provide them some of your personal information and what are your mailing addresses.

Make sure that you are giving an authentic mailing address to the company because they are also used as the payment address as well.

They will also ask for your previous banking history because that is the most important thing for them. They will then calculate your credit score on the basis of your previous banking history.

People with average credit score can also become member of this credit card which sounds quote good.

Once you complete all the details needed by the company they will respond back to you within the next few minutes.

If you are accepted by the credit card, you will receive the credit card from them within the next 2 weeks which can be used at all the mentioned stores of the company.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Login

You can manage your account easily with your log in address of the Gander Mountain Credit Card.

Once you are approved by them, they will provide you a log in address which can be used to access your account anywhere and anytime.

This log-in address of the credit card can solve most of your problems. You can keep an eye on your account and view all of your transactions from this account.

You can also request e-statements from the credit card by logging in to your account anytime. These statements will help you a lot in keeping your budget within the limits and is very beneficial in many other ways.

You can also make changes to the information which you provided to the company at first. You can also make edition and deletion as well if you think that some of the information provided to them is now expired.

There are many more things which you can perform using the log-in access of the credit card by Gander Mountain.

  • Who are the subjects of this card?

The card is a very good choice for the people who shop quite often and the outdoor stores in the country especially at the Gander Mountain stores or at

This is even a better choice for you if you are regular shopper at the above mentioned stores and don’t have good credit score to qualify for other major credit cards in the country.

People who spend a lot of their groceries and gas are the favorites for this credit card. They can expect some awesome rewards from this credit card and that is what people look for these days.

  • Some prominent rates

The rates of the credit cards are something which matters the most for almost all of the customers. The rates are not as you expected from a store credit card but even then they are good to consider.

  • APR rate

The APR of all the cards is varied and that is what we all know. The APR for this credit card is ranging from 16.99% to 24.99% for all the purchases. The APR will also depend on your credit worthiness so you need to keep this thing in your mind as well.

In case you have a really good credit score than this rate should be fine for you. However, we recommend that if you have good credit score then go for some other store card instead of this one.

  • Balance transfer and cash advances

Similarly the rate for the cash advances and the balance transfers is also very high. In short they are not a good choice at for using them for all of your balance transfer needs and the cash withdrawals because they are going to charge you an APR of 24.99% which is way too high for the customers.

  • Annual fees

One better thing about the credit card is that they won’t charge you any annual fees for this credit card which is a plus point.

This is something which you do expect from a store credit card that it will not give you any type of annual fees at all.

They do have some balance transfers and cash advances which you need to pay them.

The fees for balance transfer and cash advance is $10 or 3% of the amount from the amount which is transferred or submitted as the cash advance.

The amount which is greater among them will be deducted from the account as the fees.

You also need to remember that there is a fee on the foreign transactions for all the customers of the credit card.

You need to pay them 3% of the amount which is being used in the foreign transactions as the fees.

The bottom line or the summary is that make sure you don’t use this card outside the US. Try to avoid using this card on all the ATMs as well because that can be quite heavy for you.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Rewards

The reward programs of the credit card are quite good when we look at them and can help you reap a lot of benefit from them.

They will provide you direct 3 points whenever you will make a purchase at the Gander Mountain stores in the country.

You also get 3 points from them for shopping at the

All of your groceries and gas needs will give you 2 points for sure.

You can also get 1 point from the company for all the other purchases which are made using this credit card of the company.

They also have a feature which is named as double reward program. This means that you get double points for the purchases of first $500 in a single month.

After this $500 the rate drops to 1 point per dollar.

If you are spending $500 on groceries or gas during a month then you can receive a cash back of $120 from the credit card company.

You can easily redeem your points of this credit card as cash certificates from the company.

These cash backs than can easily be used at the Gander stores of the credit score. Every point earned from the credit card is worth a single cent.

When you earn points more than 20,000 from the credit card then they can be redeemed as 20$ cash certificate for you.

Bonus for Gander Mountain Credit Card Sign Up

They will also provide you sign up bonus as well which is a good thing for all the customers of the credit card.

You will get a sign up bonus of $60 from the credit card. However this further has a condition for the customers. You need to spend at least $500 on the Gander Stores but make sure that one purchase is outside these stores as well.

It’s reputation in front of other cards

So, why would people go for this card? People always go for the cards which are giving good benefits to the people.

They are providing sign up bonus and other reward programs as well which a good thing for such credit card is.

The rates of the credit card on the other hand are a bit high and people may get offended from it. However, they don’t have any annual fee which is another good thing of the credit card.

If you will avoid all the balances and don’t use the cash advance services of the credit card then it is a good choice for the people.

You can also expect good number of discount on the Gander Mountain and Overtons which is another good sign for the people.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Customer Service

Customer service of the credit cards is very important these days. The cards which are very quick in responding to the complaints of the customers are ranked quite good in the market.

People always prefer the cards which are giving good service to the people and solving their problems at their earliest request.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Phone number

Phone number of the customer care is always available for the customers. They can easily reach out to them and register their complaints with them.

You can contact on the following number of the company.



1-800-695- 1788

However you need to be very careful while contacting them and make sure that you are reaching them out during the customer care hours.

You can reach them from Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 9 PM as per eastern times.

The customer service of the credit card is closed on Sunday.

They also have an automated service for the credit card customers which is available on Sundays as well. In short this service is available for the customers 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Address

You can also write to them on their address. This address can also be used as payment address of the credit card.

The address of the company is given below.

Comenity Bank
PO Box 182273
Columbus, OH 43218-2273

The services of the credit card are available in 50 states of the United States.

  • Grace Period

Another good thing about this credit card is that they will give you some grace period before imposing heavy APR rates on you.

They will give you 23 days after the due date as the grace period.

They are also very good in the sense that they won’t charge you any over-limit fee.

Transaction fee of the foreign currency

They don’t charge any fee for the transaction in the foreign currency which is another good thing for the customers.

  • Penalty for late payment

They do have penalty for the late payment. They will charge you $35 for the late payments and you need to make sure that you pay them at all costs to avoid further charges.

  • Fee for returned payment

They will also charge you fee for the returned payment. The company is going to charge you $35 for the returned payment fee.

  • Minimum interest charge

Interest charges are applicable on the customers if they are late in paying their dues to the credit card company.

The minimum interest charges by the credit are $1.

Gander Mountain Credit Card Credit Score

You need to have credit score between 700 to 850 to qualify for this credit card otherwise your application will be rejected by the credit card.

  • Who all are eligible?

There are few other requirements by the credit card to make sure that you qualify for this credit card.

You must be employed full time or part time to become member of this credit card.

People who are unemployed or retired are also considered by this credit card.

You must be permanent US citizen to become member of this credit card.

People belonging to military services are also eligible for this credit card.

A minimum age of 18 years is required for all the applicants of the credit card.

Conclusion of Gander Mountain Credit Card

Looking at all the features and benefits of the credit card this looks like a fine choice for all the customers of the credit card.

They have a pretty good sign up bonus for all the credit card holders. You can also expect some other good cash backs and rewards from them which is a good sign.

These cash backs and rewards can easily be redeemed at the stores of the Gander Mountain and Overtons.

The fees and other charges of the credit card are quite high which comes as a concern for many customers but that can be avoided by making all of your payments on time to the credit card and avoiding cash withdrawal at the ATMs.

They have a very fine customer care which is always there to solve all of your issues regarding the credit card.

In our opinion this is a good store credit card if we put aside the heavy fees and APRs which can be avoided for sure.

If you are a permanent shopper of the Gander Mountain stores then definitely go for this credit card and have a lot of discounts from them.

You also have a pretty good idea about the card right now. What are your views about this credit card? Would you recommend this credit card to your friends and family after looking at the heavy fees and APRs of the credit card?

If yes then why and if no which other card in your opinion can meet their needs in a much better way? Do mention that card so that we can share information about the alternative card to our audience.