Delta SkyMiles

The Delta SkyMiles? Gold Card from American Express Credit Card

AmEx credit card

$100 Delta voucher for spending $10,000 per calendar year;

Eating and supermarket consumption 2x (before 1x);

Consumption is no longer counted in an MQD waiver;

No more SkyClub passes discounts;

The annual fee went up from $95 to $99.




  1. You will receive a $100 Delta voucher for spending $10,000 per calendar year.
  2. Enjoy priority boarding for Delta departure flights.
  3. The Delta miles on this card are worth about 1.3 cents/mile. So its 70k credit card bonus is worth about $910!
  4. 70k credit card bonus: if you spend more than $2,000 within 3 months, you will get 60,000 Delta miles. After holding the card for one year, you will get 10,000 Delta miles.
  5. Restaurants, supermarkets, and purchases on Delta Air Lines earn 2x Delta miles and other purchases 1x.
  6. Delta 20% off for in-flight shopping.
  7. You can get the AmEx Offer on this card, and there are often some great discounts from merchants, such as Walmart, which gets $15 back $5, and Amazon, which gets $75 back $25.
  8. First checked baggage is free on Delta flights.
  9. No Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF).
  10. Refer a friend to this card: if you apply for this card successfully, you will get 10k Delta mileage for each successful card, up to 55k/calendar year.


Delta SkyMiles
Delta SkyMiles


The annual fee is $99. There is no annual fee for the first year.


Suggested Application Time

  1. AmEx is not sensitive to Hard Pull quantities.
  2. Charge CARDS are not subject to the rule that you can only issue two credit CARDS within 90 days. CARDS approved in the same day will merge Hard Pull.
  3. You can only get the reward of opening a card once in your life, so be sure to wait for the highest offer in history to apply!
  4. When you apply for a credit card, AmEx may pop up to inform you that because you have a bad relationship with AmEx, you are not eligible for the credit card bonus. In this case, you should always use your existing AmEx card and try not to close the card. It will probably take a while.
  5. Credit history more than six months can try to apply.
  6. AmEx can hold up to five credit CARDS at a time, and Charge CARDS are not subject to this rule.



After the Application

AmEx reconsideration back door phone: 877-399-3083. Amex is well protected from the real back door, and calls are usually made by the customer service staff there. You cannot contact the person who has the power to decide.




This credit card has a nice top reward, so it’s worth applying for if you need to fly! However, the return on the card’s daily spending is modest, making it difficult to earn back the $99 annual fee. If you fly a Delta so often that the Delta benefits are worth the annual fee, the card is worth keeping for the long haul.

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