Kohl’s credit card

Kohl’s Credit Card Review

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If you are interested in buying clothes for the whole family, you should pick the Kohl’s Department Stores. It is popular for being the provider of clothes for all members of the family at a less price compared to many other stores. Throughout the years, it has attracted a lot of people, and they turned into regular customers, followers, and fans of this shop. There are many kinds of offers and discounts the store frequently delivers such as a 20% off on items at the store. You can use the Kohl credit card at their stores and their online website www.Kohls.com.

The mechanism of the credit card

You should know that you can use this card to purchase only from their store. Only Kohl merchandise is going to be available to you at a low price. When it is about many other merchandising cards, they come with a shop credit limit which is naturally less than the credit limit distributed on standard credit cards. The quantity of credit delivered relies on the credit standup of the credit card owner and ranges from three hundred to three thousand dollars. The bill is less than one thousand dollars for most people. As the card is a charge one, you have to pay the balance every month, and if you can maintain the balance, you will have to pay the APR. The good news is that the APR is less than other stores, but it is still high which is 24.24%. Another good news is that there is no annual fee.

Cardholder Benefits and Perks

There is not going to be any special rewards program or platform for the credit card holder at Kohls. Instead, you will get rewards through their programs known as Yes2You and Kohl’s Cash Rewards programs. You can earn credit through your purchase. If you spend fifty dollars on something, you can get cash back of $5 which is known as Kohl’s cash.

Kohl’s credit card

Kohl’s credit card

Yes2You program for getting rewards will allow you to obtain points for buying things that you can convert to store credit. Kohl’s puts up great promotions and discounts where the outcome is incredible savings. For instance, a client may associate a 30% reduction offer with Kohl’s cash on any acquisition. The store also offers discounts such as $30 or $10 off a purchase. You can combine them with other rewards program to add up to your savings.

Cardholders of the store can partake in all of the rewards and discounts programs just like the shoppers. The benefit of being a cardholder is that he or she will receive more than 12 additional offers for Kohl store discounts of around 10% to 30% each year. In totaling, Kohl’s lets new cardholders 25% off when they first sign up.  If you shop regularly, you should have a bill which is more than $600, and that will let you have six extra discount offers.