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J Crew Credit Card Application, Login and Customer Service

Credit Card Review

There is not a single financial who would recommend using cash in this modern and advanced world. Everyone go for different credit cards issued by different banks. Credit cards all over the world are liked by people these days. They provide you with more independence and more authority as compared to the cash.

The credit card is much more secure as well when we compare it with the cash dealings. If your card is stolen or lost you can easily replace it by immediately turning off the features of the old card. We don’t have this option when it comes to cash; if cash is lost you cannot recover it.

The credit cards are easy to carry as well. On the other hand, cash is sometimes not possible to carry with you. Many companies in the world are issuing credit cards to their customers and they all have different features in them.

Today we are going to discuss J Crew credit card which is issued by Comenity which is indeed a big name when it comes to the banking sector and all other financial issues in the world. They have some pretty awesome features and people like them for the very right reason.

Reasons to love this card

Let us start by discussing some of the reasons the people these days love this credit card named as J Crew. They will provide you with 20% off on the first purchase made using the credit card of J. Crew.

You don’t have to worry about the shipping process if you are using this card. They will provide you with free shipping on all of your purchases. They are also giving other rewards to the customers and cash backs which are discussed in the article below.

You can expect special and awesome birthday surprise by this credit card company. There are many other services which are offered by the card these days and they include complimentary personal shopping and some other styling services as well.

If you made the purchases from the J crew stores they will provide you with free alterations if they are standard. They will make sure that you get the product as you wish from the stores of J Crew.

J Crew Credit Card Application

J Crew Credit Card
J Crew Credit Card

The application for the credit card is quite simple. All you need is to fill out the form and then send it to the company.

They will ask all the personal information before you open an account with them. They also ask for the income resources and how much you are earning in a calendar year and month as well.

They also need all the contact information needed for the billing process. They will ask for your contact information including all the addresses as well.

You need to provide them your phone number as well. The customers can also authorize other users to their account which is also a great benefit for them.

The people who are authorized by you can also use your account and you don’t have to worry about the security of your account. It is completely protected by the company.

If you are referred by someone else then you can tell them the referral code as well during the application sent to the company.

J Crew Credit Card Login

J Crew Credit Card Login
J Crew Credit Card Login

When your application is accepted by the company, a username and password are given to all the cardholders of the company. You can later use this username and password for logging in to your J Crew Credit Card.

The online login portal of the company is everything you need. It helps you to manage your account easily that too with a single click.

You can log in to your account using your smartphone, tablet, laptop and even desktop computer.

Make sure you don’t tell anyone else regarding the password which is given to you by J Crew.

This password is the only key to secure your account.

You can send and receive money as well using the online log in of the credit card. This login will also help you keep an eye on all the transactions which you made using the credit card by J Crew.

  • Paperless statements

You can also enroll for the paperless statements as well. They will provide you paperless statements which give you the ease to keep an eye on your account.

  • Manage account

These features of the company make sure that you have complete command and insight on all the transactions and other financial happenings of your account.

In short, you don’t need to visit the company for each and every activity related to your account. All other things can be performed using the login.

You can also make changes to the information which you provided to the company at first. You need to visit the My Profile page to make changes to your account.

J Crew Credit Card Sign In

You can easily sign in to your account using the information which is provided to you by the company for the login services.

J Crew Credit Card Customer Service

A good and dedicated customer care is very important for the credit card holders. If the company is good at addressing all the issues then it can have a good impact on its reputation all over the world.

They also have a very dedicated team which is responding to the customers with their professional and qualified team.

If you want to ask them questions related to the orders which you placed on them then do mention the order number as well. This will help them solve your query more easily and more conveniently.

  • Using Email

You can use the email service as well to contact the company for all your orders and other such issues.

You need to include your name and ZIP code of the billing address. The email of the company is given below.

[email protected]

They are also providing live chat services to their customers. You can engage the customer care team using the live chat service of the company.

The live chat of the company is available from 9 AM to 12 AM as per the Eastern times.

You can view the live chat on the website of the company.

  • Telephone Services

They are also providing telephone services to the customers. The telephone service is very dedicated and they can solve all your issues related to the orders.

The telephone service is available from 7 AM to 11:59 PM as per the Eastern Times. They are available for all the seven days of the week.

The telephone number of the company is given below.


  • Using the FAX service

They are also providing the fax services to the customers. You can write to them using their fax service.

The fax number of the company is given below.

434 385 5750

You can also ask questions of the customers.

Write them on the address

You can write them at the address of the company as well. The address of the company is given below.

J.Crew Customer Relations

3 Ivy Crescent

Lynchburg, VA 24513-1001

The orders which are for the people out of the country, another customer care service is available. The email of the company is given below.

[email protected]

You can also use the phone number of the company which can be contacted anywhere and anytime.

866 739 5942

J Crew Credit Card Payments

This section will offer all your questions related to the payments to the credit card.

There is an exact time on which the payments must reach the company otherwise they are credited to your account on the next day. You need to make sure that the payment is given to the company before 8 PM EDT.

Make sure you also keep in mind the last date of the payment or you have to pay the APR charges to the company.

The payment can take up to two business days to reach the account so make sure you send them before the last date.

  • Overdue payments

You can make payments to the company as per your wish but it is recommended that you pay them the amount which is minimum required by the credit card company.

When you pay them the minimum payment then the late fees is not charged from you by the company.

If you still need some help then you can contact the customer care service of the company. The number of the customer care which can deal overdue payments is given below.


They also have a secure message center which is also available for you if you want to ask them any questions.

  • Returned merchandise

The merchandise which is returned also needs to be paid back to the company. If it is given on your billing statement then you need to pay them for sure.

If you are unable to pay the payment then late fees are applicable to your account.

If you want to avoid the late fees then do make the payment. For more details about these type of payments then you can read the terms and conditions of the company which are given on the website of the company.

  • Payment due date

You cannot change the payment due date in most of the cases. If the accounts which are in good conditions wanted to change their due date then there is a slight chance that it can be changed.

There is one more criterion that the account which wanted the change must not be altered in the last 12 months.

You can have more information about the payment due date by contacting the customer care of the company. The number is given below.


You can also contact the secure message center of the company as well as making inquiries about the payment due date of the credit card.

  • How to change the due date?

The due date of the account can be changed by visiting the My Profile Payment page which is available for all the customers.

The company won’t charge you anything at all for making these payments. However, there is a limit and frequency in which you can make the payments.

Even if you change the payment date as planned all the payments which are previously scheduled will remain as they are.

Even if you want to make changes to the scheduled payment then you can visit the payment page of the credit card.

When the date of the payment is changed it takes a few days before it becomes effective. This may take two statements until the change in the payment due date.

You can also contact the customer care service as well if needed. The numbers of the customer care are given above which can be used to contact them.

All the payments are accepted by the company at any time. You can make online payments throughout the year.

  • Payments from out of the country

The credit card at this time is not accepting the payments from outside the US. They are accepting the electronic payments.

If you are looking to make payments to the credit card then you need the checking account number as well. They will also require the bank routing number from the customer.

The information is secured safely in the database of the company so you don’t need to worry about the security.

You can also update this kind of information whenever needed.

While you are trying to bring out the payment, you need to select the payment date yourself. It can take more than 2 business days as well to reach your bank account.

At this time the company is not charging any fees from the customers. You can make the payments to the company free of cost.

The debit card cannot be used to make payments to the account center of the company. In order to make a payment, you need to provide the checking account number to them which is not given on the debit card.

You can ask your bank for the checking account number. This number is also given on the lower side of your check and on your monthly bank statement which is sent by the bank.

  • Delete a payment

You have the option to delete a payment as well but in order to delete a payment make sure it is not transferred yet to your bank.

This totally depends on when and how you make the request for deleting the payment.

You can make a request to the credit card company using the mail and the message center of the company as well.

The request must be sent to them before 6 PM ET and that too 3 business days prior to the scheduled payment.

For more details about deleting the payment, you can contact the customer care of the company.

The online account center of the company will also assist you in this regard and you can ask them on the day of the payment to delete your payment before it is transferred to your account.

  • Checking accounts

The stored checking accounts can be deleted and edited as well. You can make these changes by visiting the My Profile Page of the credit card website.

If the checking account number is attached with an account then you cannot delete it. In case there is no payment in the process then you can make changes to it.

When the scheduled payments are not sent in your account and they are still in the processing phase, they are known as pending payment. They are delivered to you in the next 2 to 3 business days.

As we mentioned above as well that it can take two days for the complete fund transfer.

When it reaches your account an immediate update is sent to the customer however the Comenity bank can make some changes and you may get it after some delay.


J Crew Credit Card review is presented in this article and we hope you have understood the main features and how it benefits the customer’s right from the start.

There are many reasons for falling in love with this amazing credit card by J Crew. They are having a very good and dedicated service for all of their customers.

They are giving some of the best rewards services as well as the customers which is another big reason for choosing this card over the others.

They have an easy payments system as well which is explained above completely. You can easily make payments to them that too whenever you feel like.

Now that you have an idea about the services and different offers of the credit card, what are your views about this card? Do you feel like it is worthy enough to use in the current financial situation you are facing?

If you have used some other cards which have similar features and can compete for this card then do mention that card in the comments below so that we can share some information about them as well.