JCPenny Spurge Furniture Sales (2020)

There are different types of furniture that are in store at the JC Penny. However, the recent times have witnessed JC Penny pass through a tough economic time. First of all, there was the closure of more than 500 JC Penny outlets. Some of the outlets had specialized in the selling of furniture among much other equipment. Just as desperate time’s calls for desperate measures, JC Penny took different types of measures. First, there was the appointment of the new CEO.

Who came alongside with the different methodologies of doing business? Secondly, there was the move of JC Penny selling their products on an online platform. The move really made a lot of sales for the JC penny. Going for home appliances like the sale or furniture is another great move that may out JC Penny back to business.

After the successful testing of the selling of kitchen and laundry appliances on an online platform. , there was the addition of the selling of furniture too. The goal here for the JC Penny is to compete with Sears and Amazon who have captured large sales in the American market.

On top of that, the move to sell the JC Penny Furniture online may come alongside with some additional online and offline Infrastructural cost. First, there are plans underway to remunerate its floor space and partner with Ashley in the selling of its furniture to the back. This could really bring JC Penny back to business. Let’s now analyse the moves in details.

The selling back of the Home Appliances: I just wonder why JC Penny in the first place parted ways with the selling of the Home Appliances. Its basic math knowledge to see that there are new family’s new people who will be in need of the home appliances. But after a period of 30 years, Ellison understood the concept and decided that JC Penny is going to surge forward and sell this home appliance.

There was the piloting of the projects in three location back in the 2016 and as for now, the project is really doing good and the more than 40 %of the JC Penny sales arise from furniture sales.  Some of the major home appliances that will be sold in the market include Samsung, Hotpoint and LG appliances. The sales of the later appliances will be both on and off the store.

The latter move will increase the sale of furniture at the JC Penny by a large percentage as the purchasers of the basic home appliance may be a lure to purchase the JC Penny furniture in one way or another.

However, there is lot of competition that JC Penny faces here. There is the great need for the JC Penny to improve customer service if they are to compete with some of the well-established furniture and home appliances sellers on an online platform.

jc penneys furniture

jc penneys furniture

JC Penny move of partnering with Ashley and other Companies.

Regardless of the nature of the partnership. How small, how big who will gain or lose, this move may mean a lot to the JC Penny. It goes without saying that the JC Penny Ashley has cemented its place in the American market and can redirect some sales to JC Penny.

The partnering deal between the JC Penny and Ashley will entail the Ashley designing the signature that will be included in the JC Penny Furniture. The move is expected to capture a lot of customers who will be interested in the making of living, dining and bedroom furniture purchases. This move will greatly add strengthen to the JC Penny home department.

On top of that, the move that will see Ashley transport the bought furniture to the customer will be like killing the same bird with a single stone. Besides the later move, I strongly believe that the other move by the JC Penny to floor cover and carpet some of their outlets will greatly improve the PR thing here.

More and more customers will be attracted to purchase at the JC Penny. Not to mention that with a good environment around the JC Penny Place can be turned into a place of gathering by clients. The move will be made happen by the Empire Today company which will stock a large collection of furniture inside the JC Penny department stores.

Investing in the Sephora, with the inclusion of exclusive brands.

jc penneys furniture

jc penneys furniture

There are a lot of Sephora shops that have been opened in the JC Penny. Its anticipated that there will be more of those in the later years besides the later, another move will see into it that there will be the backing of the JC Penny to feature well reputable brands in the United States. Some of the brands which will be featured include the St Johns bay Liz Claiborne among many other brands.

Also, new initiatives will see that there is the opening of a couple of JC Penny boutique shops. All this moved are geared in the creating of an attractive customer experience with the JC Penny. This will later lead to n improve delivery of services and possible positive review that will make customers to remember the JC Penny Old look and see what they can still do.

The larger number of customers purchasing equipment at the JC Penny will lead to the large number of customer sales who will purchase furniture at the JC Penny. That’s the possible way how The JC Penny CEO sees it that way. But usual the forces of demand and supply have something else to tell.

In conclusion, there are a lot of initiative that the JC Penny has put in place to revamp the Old Departmental store in the USA and give it back a new look. However, the article has not exhausted all the initiatives. But the addresses ones are the major ones that need JC Penny attention. We understand that the type of competitors that are surrounding JC Penny is huge. But if all JC Penny Infrastructure is put in place accordingly, they may see light at the end of the tunnel.