What to do if I lose my JCPenney credit card?

What to do if I lose my JCPenney credit card (2020)?

Jcpenney Credit Card

What to do if I lose my JCPenney credit card? Credit cards are not something big like furniture or your car that they would also be in front of you and it is almost impossible to lose them. Even large items such as cars, mobile phones and laptops get stolen despite the fact we are always keeping our eyes on them and they are not small in size. Consider something small in size such as your JCPenney credit card.

There can be many ways you lose them. If you are not an organized person, there is a chance of losing it because it can get lost in the pile of papers you have. If you have a pet it can also happen that it carried it with its mouth and dropped it somewhere which is impossible to find. Another situation that you will not expect but can happen is if someone steals it to buy items at a discount price or avail the offers according to the JCPenney credit card services.

Someone might steal it because it can be difficult for them to maintain a JCPenney credit card account. The JCPenney credit card annual fee is $0 but some people may find it hard to understand the terms or pay off the interest. Anyways, let us get to the point. If you have lost it, call the JCPenney Credit Services.

What to do if I lose my JCPenney credit card?

What to do if I lose my JCPenney credit card?

There are three methods you can try and the first one which is the quickest and simplest is communicate them through phone. If they do not pick the call or your problem still persists, contact them through mail.

If you are a resident of the United States call here: 1-800-527-4403 for web support or 011-800-527-4403 for if you are living in Mexico and 1-800-542-0800 for relevant inquiries. The timing is:

Monday to Friday from 7 in the morning till 12 am midnight (eastern time)

Saturday to Sunday from 9 AM till 12:00 AM (eastern time)

If you are from U.S. Virgin Islands or Puerto Rico call this number: 1-800-981-8400 at this hours

Monday to Friday from 7 AM till 12 AM (eastern time)

Saturday to Sunday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM (eastern time)

Now you can see that they are not available for help 24 hours unlike many places which provides customer support 24/7, therefore you can try sending them an email.

For a lost or stolen credit card, you have to send them a private message by logging in to your JCPenney credit card account.

You can send them a written mail in their JCPenney credit card address

JCPenney Credit Services

Customer Service C/O SYNCB

P.O. Box. 965009

Orlando, Florida 32896-5009

And the other one is for Puerto Rico

JCPenney Credit Services

customer service C/O SYNCB

P.O. Box. 364788

San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-4788