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Credit Card Review

What is Lowers Credit Card? Lowe’s is an American company that transformed from a regional hardware to offer home improvement services. The company operates in other countries like Canada and Mexico. As in 2017, the company had employed around 290000 workers selling different types of products like home improvement, plumbing power equipment, fashion and furniture among the wide range of home appliances.

We cannot peg pen to a paper on the one product that Lowes sales the most. There are the different array of products and the highest product sale hardly exceeds 15%. The company has excellently diversified the sale of its products with retail outlets, vendors and selected distribution centres located all over in the United States.

You can now mirror out why you badly need to apply for the Lowers Credit Card. If you want a stunning shopping experience with mega benefits, clinical merchandise and attractive offers, this is the place to be.  Furthermore, you can apply for Lowes credit card to take advantage of the gorgeous offers.

Lowes Credit Card Review

Lowers Credit Card
Lowers Credit Card

If you shop frequently at the Lowes stores you might need to apply for the Lowes credit card. If you are not sure whether to apply for the Lowers Credit Card or go for other alternatives, you should check out this review to see if you are okay to buy what’s the Lowes Credit card is selling.

Lowes credit card sign up process is easy to accomplish and when online or you are visiting your store, you can have the process done within minutes. Furthermore, you can seamlessly manage your credit card payment online without much hustles and tussles.

Lowes Credit Card Pros

  • 5% Discount

You will receive a 5% discount for every purchase you make on the website – using a credit card or on the store. However, this comes with some restrictions and you need to laisse with Lowes customer service to check what the offer cover and what it doesn’t cover

  • Take Advantage of Lowes Deferred Interest

If your bill adds up to $299 or goes above that, you can take 0% APR financing which will cover purchases for the next six months. The offers are inclusive of the 5% discount. This is the best offer but you need to be certain to pay the amount within the set time. If you don’t, you will incur additional penalties

  • Lowes Low-Interest Period

Spend $2000 plus to get take advantage of Lowes reduced interest rates which go for three to seven years. The Possible APR rates that you will pay if you qualify for the offered range from 3.99-7.99. The offer is not automatic but try to ask for this on your time of purchase

The credit card high perks will benefit you if you shop at the Lowes full time. If you don’t and only visit the store a few times on a month’s basis, look for another credit card to apply. The possible reason is that the credit card is not accepted anywhere else but only at Lowes

If you run a big home improvement project, apply for this credit card. You will save big on purchases. There is a high possibility that you will spend at least $600 you will benefit on the 5%discount and save $30 on purchases

Do you need to buy some time to pay of the large amount on your purchase? This card is for you. Earn 0%APR, $299-plus on the purchase and $2000 –plus bonus. The offers will give you time to pay off for your expensive commodities still earn discounts

Furthermore, if you don’t like the idea of waiting for so long to redeem your benefits, the Lowes credit card offers are flexible enough with lots of the offers being automatic. There are still some of the offers that are valid for a specific period of time but they are good

Lowes Credit Card Cons

Lowes credit card interest rate is high and if you don’t shop at their outlets frequently, I don’t see why you should pay $26.99% interest rate. If you compare the rate with another credit card with the offers which Lowes provide, the correlation is low

Lowers Credit Cards offers will get you off-guard if you fear or you are fond of making late payments. There are three Lowes credit card offers that are discussed here and if you don’t agree to the terms of service default from paying the rate within 6 months, the offer becomes invalid

Furthermore, the basic first-time purchase discount –similar to other discount comes with restriction. There is the specific brand of products that you can purchase and you will be exempted from purchasing a majority of the products. The offer is thus not inclusive and doesn’t benefit the first time purchasers fully.

Lowes Credit Card Login

Lowes Credit Card Review
Lowes Credit Card Review

You can impeccably create a Lowes credit card login. You will need to have online access and you will need to have an internet connection and a device you can use to access the internet. When online, visit Lowes official page. You can conduct a good search and you can seamlessly do this.

Furthermore, there are other Lowes landing and affiliate pages that can redirect you to this page.  When on Lowes official page you will have to enter your username and password to gain online access. The latter option is for Lowes authorised users.

If you are visiting Lowes page for the first time, register first for online access. Click the ‘’register ‘’tab which is conspicuously visible with a naked eye and you can flawlessly locate this in just one second you will just one whisk your eye.

Lowes Credit Card login- Password Retrieval

Thereafter, you will receive your Lowes user Id and password.  Furthermore, if you forgot your Lowes login credential, you can retrieve your password, you will click ‘’trouble signing in’’ and you will be directed on how to set your new password.

You will have to set a strong password. Lowes recommend you include characters symbols and numbers. You can use any combination provided it’s safe and secure to resist instances of hacking and phishing.

Lowes Credit Card Payment

Now that you successfully created your Lowes credit card login, there is nothing standing between you and shopping online.  You can enjoy a lot of services with your Lowes credit card credit online. Regardless of the type of credit card, you will apply for there are salient features you will get

You will be able to know your balances whenever you deem fit, you can download or view your monthly credit card statements still manage your personal details on your credit card accounts. If frequent and programmed credit card statements irritate you, you can stop that nuisance

Lowes Credit Card Payment Advantages

The high points with Lowes credit cards include a zero annual fee, a fixed APR rate of 26.99%, 5 %off every day and 6 months special financing.  If you pay with a Lowe’s credit card, you receive 5% of the order purchase. However, this offer is not applicable to gift cards, replacement assembly charges etc. You need to visit Lowe’s online to check Terms and condition applicable.

The 6-month special financing offer applies if you shop using Lowes advantage credit card and spend at least $299.  There is the project financing offer which caters for Lowes customers running big projects.

However, the Lowers Credit Cards be used to purchase Lowe’s product but if you don’t shop frequently, you will not benefit a lot from the offers.

Lowes Payment Credit Card Calculator

Lowe’s operate different credit cards and you need to choose one card that promises the better return. The calculator will assist you to realise good plan and further enable you to seamlessly pay off your debts

The Lowes calculator will help indicate the worth of your monthly payment further assist develop the suitable plan to pay your credit card balance debt. Furthermore, you will determine interest rate amount to pay per given period.

Lowes Credit Card Sign up

If you have not signed up for this credit card, you should as the Lowe’s has a lot of sign up advantages and bonuses. Visit the Lowe’s official page to sign up today. The Lowe’s sign up process is easy and it will take around 3 minutes.

If you sign up, you will be eligible for a sign-up bonus. Apply for Lowes advantage credit card to receive 30%off all purchases. There is also other sign up coupons that last for a specific period of time.

Lowes Credit Card App

The app is meant to create a good experience when shopping online. The mobile application is compatible with Android, iPhone and iPad. Download the app to seamlessly make purchases and comprehensively manage your account.

The app is published on Google play available for free and is a great shopping companion. The app features excellent gallery display, you can zoom, view product images and watch videos. You can shop from the comfort of your home, just browse the countless gallery items and initiate a search for other items not encompassed in the gallery.

Furthermore, use the app to find latest Lowes deals and discounts anytime you deem fit. You will not get nagged by a missed call from lowers customer care department, you can sort out your queries your own way

Lowes Credit Card Payment Options Online

You can apply for either the business account, business loan or the Lowes business reward card. The Lowes business reward card charges no administrative fees. This encourages applications for customers who cannot afford to pay the administrative fee.

The credit card has a good billing cycle, one can share the credit card on different linked accounts and presence of the Lowes credit card app makes payment process to be seamless.  When you apply for the credit card, you can easily access customer service through calling or live chart

Lowes Credit Card Business Loan Online

The payment option is different from the business card. You will pay a monthly fee but the credit card doesn’t charge an annual administration fee. The account management can be easily done and you can customize the credit card to limit your spending expenses in a month.

You have the opportunity to connect and share with other accounts linked to your business loan account and this gives you much connectivity

Lowes Credit Card Application

You can apply for a Lowes credit card online. The process is easy and you need to be online and visit Lowes credit card application page. These Lowes credit cards are issued by synchrony bank and if you bank with the later bank, your credit card application will be easily approved

You get to choose the credit card design you want. There are two major designs, the standard blue and team #48 and after 30 seconds, you will receive feedback to proceed to the next phase. However there are no extra charges for the service but if you need another customised colour, contact Lowes customer care service

With the second step, you will fill your personal information. This is the about me page and there is a list of questionnaire question for you to fill. You will write your names- first, middle and last name. Fill in your address – address 1 and address 2. State the city, state, input your zip code and contact details

Proceed to fill your email address, annual net income. Lowes or SYNCB will not share your contact details with any third party. This is included in terms of service. However, you will receive special offers, updates on different promotions. But if you don’t want to receive the messages, you can unsubscribe this service later.

You will select the appropriate delivery method that you will use to receive billing statements. Mostly, this is sent electronically where you can login or sign, to view your statements. If you choose to receive statements via mails, there will be no statements that will be sent to your email.

The second verification stage will guarantee security with of your credit cards. You will input your date of birth, SSN/ITIN and your mother’s maiden number. This data will be used for the verification process. You will now just accept the remain terms of service and submit your application

Lowes Credit Card Customer Service

Lowes credit card customer service is available via email, phone, and live chat. If you have queries with the credit card application, you have detected suspicious activity with your credit card, don’t hesitate but call 800-445-6937.

Lowes customer service department is available for 24 hours and you can reach them out any time of the day. The best time to call is 2:30 pm. There is no much call traffic at the time but you can get quick assistance when you use the live person chat version.

There are other call hacks that will not keep you waiting for long to receive Lowes customer care assistance. The free toll number 800-445-6937 can be a hard option to use but there are other different six numbers that can help.

You can call the customer support team via 800-444-1408. The number is for business account department and will help solve all your credit card cases. Still, you can send an email addressed to [email protected]  There are other social media avenues that can be of great help, visit their official Twitter page, Facebook and Instagram page.

However, if you can log in to your Lowes online account and enjoy the self-service options. You will be able to manage your account seamlessly and in fact, there are periodic updates that will keep you at perk with the trending Lowes news.

Lowers Credit Card Phone Number

Lowers Company have a large merchandise stock and this makes their credit card number to be of, more useful in cases of emergencies If you have queries with yours Lowers Credit Card, call Lowes credit card consumer account number-1-800-444-1408.

If you operate a commercial business revolving account contact 1-800-444-1408 and for Lowe’s credit card commercial account receivables queries call 1-866-232-7443. If you are unlucky and can’t get aid despite calling these numbers, dial 1-800-445-6937.

Lowes Customer Service Contact Details

If you don’t have problems with the credit card payment but have queries with the Lowes merchandise you have purchased, Lowes got you covered. However, if you use the Lowes credit card phone number, you call will be redirected to the lower customer service

Just as with the credit card options, Lowes Inc. customer service is available via phone, email or live chat. When in need of information about store location, refund and cancellation, warranty queries, online shipping, Lowes will be ready to help you out.

Reach out to their head office via mail. Address the mail to Lowes Companies Inc. 1000 Lowe’s Boulevard, NC 28117 United States. Call 1-800-44-LOWES, 1-800-445-6937 or 1-886-46-LOWES. Visit Lowes Inc. Companies to locate a Lowe store address that is near you


If you are frequent Lowes shoppers and you purchase in bulk, there is no way that you will not benefit from the Lowes offers. If you are onetime purchasers, you will not rep maximum benefit out on Lowes offers.

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