Pottery Barn Credit Card Login, Payment and Customer Service

What is Pottery Barn Credit Card?

Pottery Barn Credit Card is issued by Comenity bank which has a good reputation in the market when it comes to credit cards.

Credit cards are becoming a must part of our life and we need to realize that. We need these cards to fulfill almost all of our requirements these days.

We see many new competitors coming in each and every day and giving us another card which has more unique and amazing features in them.

One such company is called pottery barn. They have credit cards for the adults and one card specially made for the children’s as well.

They have a pretty good reputation in the market when it comes to the banking and issuing credit cards to the customers. Today we are going to discuss a card which is issued by the pottery barn.

Pottery Barn Credit Card Application

Pottery Barn Credit Card
Pottery Barn Credit Card

The application for the card like all others in the market is very simple. They will ask for some of the information which is necessary for the banking purposes.

They also need some of your information for the security purpose as well. You must have the majority of the age of whatever is the criterion set by your government for holding bank accounts.

You also need the ID of the country you are currently living in for this credit card by pottery barn.

An authentic tax number is also needed by this company for opening an account with them. You also need to provide them your complete mailing address for the credit card.

Keep in your mind that they are not accepting any PO Box mailing address. The information will be retained by the bank and Credit Card Company and would be stored in their database as well.

They will also ask for your complete personal bio data as well. It is the requirement by the banks and the international agencies to keep this data to fight terrorism and all sorts of other financial crimes in the world.

They will also ask information regarding your earning in the complete year and what are your sources of income these days.

  • Authorize users

The best thing about this credit card is that you can authorize other people as well in your card and they are allowed to use your card without paying extra fees to the company.

They are allowing their customers to add a total of four people to their accounts besides themselves who can use their account.

  • Terms and conditions

It is considered good to read all the terms and conditions of the company as well before becoming a formal member of the credit card.

The terms and conditions for using the credit card are already given on their official portal. You can easily read it from their website.

Pottery Barn Credit Card Login

Pottery Barn Credit Card Login
Pottery Barn Credit Card Login

They will thoroughly review your application and then if it is eligible then an account number is given to the customer. Now you can use all the services of the company.

You can easily manage with the online portal of the company. They give you the access to the complete data which you have entered in the account application.

You can also make changes if needed to the information which you provided to the credit card company.

You can also send and receive payments using the online log in the portal of the company. It is very easy to pay all of your bills as well using the online login.

The login also gives you complete access to all the statements regarding your account. This means you can enroll yourself for paperless statements and keep an eye on all of your spending’s.

If needed you can also change and edit the information which you provided to the credit card at the start. The billing address and such other things can be changed using the online log in the portal of the company.

Pottery Barn Credit Card Payments

The company is accepting online payments from all of its customers. All the payments which are submitted before 8 PM EDT are credited to your account.

The payments which are submitted after 8 PM are credited the next day to your account.

The transfer of the payment from your bank account to the Pottery Barn can take up to 2 business days so make sure you are sending the payment to the company in advance.

  • Overdue payments

If the amount is overdue you can make any payment of your own choice. However, it is recommended to pay the minimum payment which is due by the company. If you pay the minimum fee then you can avoid late fees by the credit card.

  • Payments for returned merchandise

This billing is shown in your statement and you need to pay it to the company. In order to avoid the late fees, you need to pay the amount to the company as per the schedule.

No matter you have returned the merchandise or not. You can read the terms and conditions of the company for more details about it.

  • Can I change payments due date?

Well, this option is not given to all the members of the credit card. All the account which are in good conditions can change their payment due date.

Make sure that the date is not changed during the last 12 months by the cardholder. For more details, you can send a message to the company or call them on their customer care numbers.

The number is 1-866-234-2029

  • How to change it?

Well, if your account is in good condition then you can change the payment due date for sure. The option is available in the section of My Profile Payment Dye Day.

They won’t charge you anything for making this change in the payment due date. However, there is a limit to which you can make changes to this part of the account.

Keep in mind that when you change the last payment due to date all the previously scheduled payments remains the same. They need to be paid as per their schedule.

The change may not be available in your account very fast. It can take up to 2 next statements and then the change is shown in that account. If you are still not satisfied then contact the customer care of the company.

They provide you the option of making the payments anytime or anywhere in the day. Payments are accepted all the days of the year.

Payment from Outside the US

At this time this offer is not available for the customers of the credit card. You can send them an electronic payment. For more details about the payments which are from outside the US please contact the customer support of the company.

In order to make the payment to the company, you need to have the checking account number and your bank routing number as well.

For your inconvenience, this number is stored for future use as well. No need to worry about the security of this number.

You can easily schedule the date on which you need to withdraw your payment from them in your bank. You can select this date while making online payments to the company.

The transaction can take up to 2 business days for the complete transfer.

They won’t charge you any fees at all for making the payment to the company.

At this time the debit cards cannot be used for making the payments to the company. You need the checking account number to make payments to the company.

This checking account number is different from the number which is displayed on the front of your debit card.

To make the payment you need your checking account number which is displayed on the monthly bank statement or on the bottom of your check.

  • Deletion of payment

You can also delete a payment as well. However, the payment is deleted only if it is not transferred yet to the bank account. So this totally depends on when and how you make this request to the company.

  • Using mail

If you need to delete the payment then make sure you are mailing them three days before the scheduled payment that too on 6:00 PM ET.

  • Customer care

You can ask them to delete the payment using the customer care as well. Here you need to ask them at 7:59 PM ET that too at least 3 days before the scheduled payment date.

  • Account center Online

You can contact the account center online on the day of your scheduled payment before 11:59 PM ET.

How to Edit Pottery Barn Credit Card Checking Account?

You can make changes to your checking account by visiting the My Profile Page in the online resource. If it is permanently attached to your scheduled payment then it cannot be changed or deleted.

As long as the payment is not in the process you can make a change to your checking account number.

The payment which is scheduled in the company and yet not received by you is considered pending payment by the company.

The payments which are made to the credit card can take two additional days as well for the complete fund transfer.

The credit will be adjusted in your account as soon as you send them online. This looks like an immediate update but the funds can take some time in the Comenity Bank.

Pottery Barn Credit Card Rewards

Pottery Barn Credit Card Rewards
Pottery Barn Credit Card Rewards

The card for sure gives a lot of rewards and benefits to its customers and is a popular choice of people these days. We are going to discuss some of the benefits which the card is giving to people these days.

They have a good cashback reward for all of its card members. You can get 10% back in the reward program by the credit card. This means you will receive a $25 reward certificate from the company for spending every $250.

They give you another option when it comes to rewarding which says that you can also opt for the special financing offers of the company.

There are many other options which the company provides you; they have different offers and events for the people who are using their card.

You can expect a good number of benefits from them on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

When we combine all these reward services by the company they almost become double. You can easily earn a reward through different ways using the credit card of the company.

Keep in mind that these points cannot be redeemed on all the stores in the country. You can only redeem the rewards on the Pottery Barn, PBTeen and Pottery Barn Kids.

As we discussed above as well they also give you the chance to manage your account completely.

  • Complete details of programs

All you need is to use the credit card by pottery barn on the stores when you shop for different things and you will earn certificates of rewards from the company which later can be redeemed.

You can redeem these points on the Pottery Barn brands stores, their website and catalog as well.

You are given a single dollar as a reward when you spend using the credit card of pottery barn.

  • Existing cardmembers

The existing members of the card can also enjoy many benefits. You have some of the features which give you complete command on your account with the company.

You can always check the status of your account using the online login.

The company also allows you to view all the billing statements online. The members can easily download all the details regarding the transactions which you made using the credit card of the company.

As we mentioned above as well that you can easily pay all of your bills using the credit card online resource.

You can also make a request to the company for changing the limit of your account using the online portal of the company.

You have the option to authorize other users to your account which is a great benefit and is given by most of the cards these days.

  • Promotional financing

The promotional financing is also offered by the company to its customers. They will first determine whether you qualify for these offers by the company or not.

All the purchases which are a minimum of $750 are required for it. They are also subjected to the approval of the credit by the pottery barn.

All the transactions which are greater than $750 may also choose either promotional financing for them or earn rewards given by the company.

All these reward programs which are mentioned above are given by pottery barn and they can change any of its terms and conditions whenever they feel like.

You can read the terms and conditions of the company for more details.

Pottery Barn Credit Card Customer Service

Customer service is the identity of an organization and the way they respond to their clients shows their reputation and commitment to the people for their benefit.

You can fill out the contact box which is on the website of the credit card.

They are also having dedicated numbers which are ready to assist you in all the matters.

The phone number of the credit card for people living in the United States, US Territories, and AFP/FPO are given below.


The fax number for the people living in the United States and its nearby states is given below.


You can reach out to the company using their email address as well. The email address is given below.

[email protected]

The international customers of the company can use the following details for reaching out to the company.

Pottery Barn Credit Card phone number for the international customers is given below.

+800. 15002222

The email address of the credit card is

[email protected]

Conclusion of Pottery Barn Credit Card

We have shared complete information about the credit card with you. They have many awesome features which makes them a good choice for the people.

They are giving good cash back services to the people. They are also having good customer care which is always available for the customers of the company.

You can earn double rewards with this credit card and they also provide special financing offers to the customers. In short, they are a very good choice for the people who are looking to use it at the stores all over the country.

They are more suited to you if you are looking to shop mostly from the pottery barn stores all over the country. You can get a special discount on these stores all over the country.

They are good for use in other stores as well but specifically, they are good for the pottery barn stores in the country.

What are your views regarding the credit card? Did you like the offers and all the rewards which they are giving to the customers these days?

What are the reasons for choosing this card over other credit cards? If you think some other card can give you, even more, offers then do share it so that we can talk about that card as well.