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What is Shell Credit Card? These days keeping cash with you is not an option anymore. It is very important to make the right financial decisions of your life. Choosing the right payment option is also one of the most important decisions of your financial life.

It totally depends upon your choice that whether your life is going to become easy or it is going to pay you a lot of hardships.

Now Citibank is offering shell credit card to its customers. They don’t need to pay using cash for the gas needs. All they need is a shell credit card and their life becomes easy as far as their transportation needs are concerned.

Use on all stations

You can easily use it over all the shell stations in the country. The usage of the card is very easy and it gives you some of the top class features which make it one of the best choices for the people all over the world.

This card will not only make your financial life easy rather help you keep the complete history of your transaction and oil usage all over the world.

The card is one of the most secure things you can have in the world. Your money is totally safe in it and your information with the company is also safe.

Track your budget

This card will help you in keeping a track of your budget and how much of it is used for the gas needs of your card. These are some of the things which make it a good choice for all the customers.

The card is issued by Citibank which further increases the value and security of the card. They have a vast experience in the field of finance and they are working with a lot of brands in the world and shell is one of them.

The bank will make sure that you get all the benefits of the card and at the same time enjoy riding all over the country.

Shell Credit Card Application

Shell Credit Card
Shell Credit Card

The application form of the credit card is quite simple and you need to provide them the basic information about yourself.

They will ask about your personal details, email and other banking histories in the form. Make sure all the information provided to them is right otherwise they can terminate your card at any time.

The form also contains the terms and conditions which the company needs you to know before becoming a member of the card.

They will inquire about your financial conditions as well. This helps them determine which card is more suitable for your use.

They have the legal authority to obtain all the information related to your financial and personal life to prevent any issue during the banking. The company can ask for different documents from you to verify all the information presented by you to the company.

APR of the Shell Credit Card

APR plays a vital role in the selection of any credit card in the world. It is going to determine the worth of that credit card and whether it is going to ease your life or put some extra burden on it in the form of interest rates.

APR for purchases

The APR of Shell Credit Card for the purchases is 26.49%. One more thing about the APR is that it can vary with the changes in the market. The company is liable to change the APR of the card anytime.  The market also plays an important role in deciding the APR of the card.

APR for cash advances

The APR of the Shell Credit Card for the cash advance is different from that of the purchases. The company is going to charge you 29.99% for the cash advances.

Here again, the APR may change with the changing in the market. The market plays an important part in deciding the APR of the card as we discussed above as well.

How to avoid APR for purchases

The card is very suitable to use and reap a lot of benefits to all those users who are paying their APR on time.

The due date for the APR is almost 25 days prior to the close of the billing cycle so try to clear all of your dues before that date in order to avoid any extra charges.

The company will not charge anything extra if you are paying the charges on time to them.

Minimum interest rate

Well if by all means, you have to pay the interest rate due to late payments then that won’t be less than $2 for all the customers. Keep the rate in mind before paying the dues late.

You can have a detailed insight into the card and find out more whether it is a good choice or not by visiting the consumer financial protection bureau online resource.

Shell Credit Card Login

After submitting an application to the company they are going to review it thoroughly and decide whether you are suitable for the card or not. They are also going to determine which card is more suitable for your usage.

The online resource of the company is given to all the customers of the company. They will provide you with a username and password to log in to your account.

You can use this username and password anywhere in the world to access your account and perform different actions on it.

You should change your password every 60 to 90 days in order to protect your account from any malicious attempt.

In case you forget your password or ID, the company will help you retrieve it but that will be through a process.

The online account access will also help you to easily manage your account that too much better, faster and smarter. From this online account, you can easily change the information you provided to the company earlier.

You can pay your dues using the online resource of the company. The best thing about this online resource of the company is that it lets you keep an eye on all your transactions.

It is very easy to determine your budget after having a look at all the spending’s from the account.

  • Paperless statements

They will also provide you paperless statements for all your transactions and other activities which you performed using the account.

In short, this online resource of the company lets you manage all the things that too on a single click by sitting right at your home. You can easily log in to your account using your desktop, mobile or tablet.

Shell Credit Card Payment

Shell gives the convenient and easy ways to pay them that too right from your home. Shells offer many branded cards to its customers and let them pay easily all over the shell stations in the world.

It makes your lifestyle easier than ever with the Shell Credit Cards.

Shell Drive for Five Cards

This is a new way to save more money. This saving will be given you for 5 gallons of fuel from the shell stores. This saving is available for the customers on every day and every fueling.

You have the option to purchase without any limits. Savings of the card are also more than you can even think off. The benefits given by the card are more than any other card in the world.

It is very convenient for you and you can pay to all the shops all over the world. You can manage your account as well from online. You can also review all of your billings which are still not billed.

  • View statements

View all of your statements as well from the online account of the company. You have the option to make the payments and they give you the flexibility to schedule your payments as well.

Using this card you can easily track your budget as well. The terms of the card are also very simple and flexible for all the customers. You can make the minimum payments or pay full if you wish to.

The cards of the whole family can be maintained with a single card. You can manage these cards with a single statement. These are some of the features which make it one of the best cards for fuel and gas in the world.

Secure card

The security of the card is also one of the best in the world. You won’t ever find a card more secure than this one. Even in the case, the card is stolen from you; the Citibank will assist you in all the possible ways.

All the statements of the card are applied monthly to the members of the card. There are other terms and conditions for the usage of the card which you can check while receiving the card from the company.

Shell gift card

Shell also provides a gift card to its customers. Your family, employees, and friends can easily use this gift card by shell all over the shell stores.

They will give you different features such as corporate purchasing, customer purchasing and many other options to make payments and then track them as well. You can also keep a track of your payments using the shell gift card. Check the balance of the card as well easily.

Shell platinum select MasterCard

This is another card issued by the shell. You can earn savings from the shell stores for the fuel purchases by following the terms and conditions of the company.

You can make savings using the shell MasterCard worldwide. This card can be used everywhere in the world where the master cards are accepted. If you make purchases of more than $500 in a calendar year you have the chance of earning 10 gallons to 100 gallons from the shell stores in the country.

However, in order to qualify for these offers of the company you need to follow the terms and conditions of the card.

Shell refillable card

This card gives you mental peace with an amazing style as well. You can easily buy this card and gift it to your friends and family easily. This card can be used for budgeting your gasoline spending’s as well.

They also give you the option to get a customized card from them which have your picture on it.

This card gives a lot of benefits to its customers. You can instantly load up to $300 in this card of the shell. It will be sent to your account within few minutes.

You have the complete access to the management of the card online and see all of your spending’s of the card.

They will give you complete access to all the funds you have on the card.

The card is useful for the people belonging to different walks of life and they can easily make their payments for fuel and gas using this card. Mostly college and high school drivers prefer this card by the shell.

  • Online refill

The best thing about this card is that you can easily refill this card that too online. It makes it easier for you to control and manage all of your budgeting with the refillable card.

  • Keep it secure

However, you need to protect this card like your cash. There are different terms and conditions which apply to all the benefits of this card and you need to keep them in mind while making the purchases using this card of the company.

Shell saver card

Shell provides a saver card to its customers. This is the latest addition to the already list of some awesome cards by the company.

This is actually a checking account which is provided to you by the shell and will not charge an annual fee, enrollment fee or other finance fees from the customers.

The saving offers given by this card are very lucrative. You will be given 2 cents on the purchase of each gallon from the diesel fuel and gasoline purchases from the shell stores worldwide.

They will also provide you pin-based transaction system which will further enhance and ensure the security of the credit card. All you need is to purchases from shell station and the discount will be added to your billing.

They will deduct the billing from your checking account your statement will have the complete details about the entire discount given to you.

The best thing about this card is that it can be used for other services and goods as well. However, the discount is for the fuel purchases only.

  • How to qualify for the shell saver card?

Well, there are some requirements as well for the shell saver card. You need to have a checking account that too in a good condition. The accounts are analyzed using TeleCheck which provides information regarding accounts.

The application is quite simple, all you need is to apply online and the card will be easily mailed to the address you will provide to the company.

The online form requires all the simple information which other credit cards also require name, address, banking history, and emails etc.

Shell Credit Card Customer Service

Shell credit card also provides a comprehensive customer care to its customers. They have a very dedicated staff which is always there to help you with any problems in the card.

Shell credit card phone numbers

You can use this number from Monday to Friday for all the inquiries as per ET.


For any technical assistance regarding the shell credit card you can contact the following number.


They have special customer care for the hearing impaired as well. They can use the following numbers for inquiries and problems related to the services.


The customer care is available for the customers outside US as well. the customers outside US, Canada, Puerto Rico can call on the following numbers.



The address of the company is given below.

Shell Card

Customer Service

P.O. Box 6406

Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Payment address for Shell credit card

The payment address for the shell credit card is given below.

Shell Card Payments

P.O. Box 9001011

Louisville, KY 40290-1011

They are also providing overnight delivery and express payments services as well to the customers all over the world. The address for it is given below.

Attn: Consumer Payment Dept.

6716 Grade Lane

Building 9, Suite 910

Louisville, KY 40213


This is indeed a good card for all the customers if they are looking to complete their gas and fuel needs. They are giving good profits and discounts to their customers.

The best thing about the shell credit cards is that they provide you a wide variety of cards which helps you to choose the best card which suits you and ease your fueling and gasoline needs.

Have you ever used the shell credit card for your fuel needs? If yes then share your experience with the card so far? Is it worth applying for or you think some other card is providing, even more, comforts for your fuel and gas needs? If yes then do mention that card so that we can share information regarding that as well to our readers.

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