Delta SkyMiles

The Delta SkyMiles? Reserve Card from American Express Credit Card

AmEx credit card

Delta consumes 3x (Previously 2x);

  1. Miles Boost, renamed Status Boost, will deliver 15,000 MQM (graded Miles) for every $30,000 spent per calendar year, which can be repeated four times (previously only twice), but will no longer give away 15,000 Delta Miles (the kind that can be redeemed for tickets);
  2. Two free single SkyClub passes;
  3. Free access to Centurion lounge when flying Delta with this card;
  4. Global Entry, TSA Pre reimbursement;
  5. Free backup (even without Delta premium membership);
  6. Sky Priority Security ends;
  7. The annual fee went from $450 to $550, about the same as the express platinum card.
Delta SkyMiles
Delta SkyMiles


  1. Free access to the following Airport Lounges: Delta Sky Clubs. Holding this card is equivalent to an annual paid Membership of the Delta Sky Club (typically $450/ year to buy this Membership directly) and $29 / person for fellow travelers. Free access to Centurion lounge when flying Delta with this card;
  2. Starting from the second year, the card will give you a Companion Certificates (economy class/first class) ticket after the annual fee. Good use is worth thousands of dollars, far more than the annual fee.
  3. 100k Miles + 20k MQM bonus for card opening: 80,000 Delta Miles and 20,000 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM) (note that MQM is not a redeemable airfare type of Miles and is only used for elite membership) for spending more than $5,000 within 3 months of card opening. After holding the card for one year, you will get 20,000 Delta miles.
  4. No Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF).
  5. First checked baggage is free on Delta flights.
  6. Global Entry, TSA Pre reimbursement.
  7. Delta 20% off for in-flight shopping.
  8. Status Boost: $30,000 a Year for 15,000 MQM; It can be repeated four times. The MQM from the consumption can be retained or transferred to a friend. In this website:
  9. Consumption on Delta Air Lines will earn you 3x Delta miles and other consumption of 1x. Notice that the miles you get here are the kind of miles you can redeem for an airline ticket.
  10. Free backup (even without Delta premium membership).
  11. Enjoy priority boarding for Delta departure flights.
  12. You can get the AmEx Offer on this card, and there are often some great discounts from merchants, such as Walmart, which gets $15 back $5, and Amazon, which gets $75 back $25.
  13. The Delta miles on this card are worth about 1.3 cents/mile. So its 100k maximum card bonus is worth about $1,300!
  14. Two free single SkyClub passes;
  15. Principal interest of the sub-card holder: free access to the Airport Lounges mentioned earlier.




  1. It costs to add a pair of CARDS, each of which costs $175 a year.
  2. The annual fee is $550, not excluding the first annual fee. [tips] all credit card annual fees are not included in the card consumption task!


Suggested Application Time

  1. You can only get the reward of opening a card once in your life, so be sure to wait for the highest offer in history to apply!
  2. Credit history more than six months can try to apply.
  3. Charge CARDS are not subject to the rule that you can only issue two credit CARDS within 90 days. CARDS approved in the same day will merge Hard Pull.
  4. When you apply for a credit card, AmEx may pop up to inform you that because you have a bad relationship with AmEx, you are not eligible for the credit card bonus. In that case, swipe your existing AmEx card and try not to close the credit card. It will probably take a while.
  5. AmEx is not sensitive to Hard Pull quantities.
  6. AmEx can hold up to five credit CARDS at a time, and Charge CARDS are not subject to this rule.



After the Application

AmEx reconsideration back door phone: 877-399-3083. Amex is well protected from the real back door, and calls are usually made by the customer service staff there. You can’t get in touch with the people who decide.


DL Companion Certificate rule

  1. You can only fly to and from 48 us states (unless you are a resident of AL HI, you can fly to the us mainland from there)
  2. Space is limited to discount economy L U T or discount first class.
  3. Only DL flights.
  4. Friend tickets can be transferred to others, once the ticket can’t be cancelled, can’t upgrade, fellow travelers can’t earn DL miles
  5. Book at least 14 days in advance and stay at least 3 days
  6. Need to use this card to pay the full price of the first plane ticket and the tax of the second ticket, the tax is about dozens of dollars




The rewards for opening this credit card are getting better and better. It’s worth applying for. The highlight of this card is the quick access to MQM and the accompanying Club members and the accompanying domestic economy/first class friend tickets. The Delta Sky Club lounge may seem nice, but Amex Platinum also benefits. So in general, with an annual fee of $550 that is not dispensable, the card is only considered by those who have frequent Delta flights and want to get elite membership, take advantage of friends’ tickets and need the Airport Lounge.

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