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What is TJ Maxx Credit Card? The cash system is not that much supported these days in the developed countries. They brought an alternate to this system which is known as credit cards. Almost all the stores in the country have their own credit cards which can easily be used while shopping online and offline from them.

TJ Maxx stores all located all over the country and they also have partnerships with other stores in the country which makes them a good competitor in the market.

In order to provide comfort to their customers and ease their payment life they have introduced credit cards for them which are then further divided into two categories.

You can easily choose the one which suits you best and get the most out of it. They both have their own benefits for the customers. Especially if you are a regular customer of these stores the card can help you save a lot of money and give you some awesome rewards as well.

One of the popular stores in the country is TJ Maxx which is known for the brands and all other designer cloths as well on good prices. They are supporting a credit card as well which is known as TJ Maxx Credit Card. You can easily use this card at their stores as well as while shopping from them online.

Partner Stores

The card is best for those people who are shopping from the TJ Maxx stores frequently. You can shop from them and get good rewards as well in return. The best thing about them is that they not only offer to shop from their stores rather you can shop from sister stores as well which are HomeGoods, Sierra Trading Post and Marshalls.

The benefit of the card totally depends on the usage of the individual. The more you use the credit card by TJ Maxx the more benefits it is going to give you.

There are many cards in the market these days but we need to look at their features and then decide which card is more suitable for us.

TJ Maxx Credit Card Application

TJ Maxx Credit Card

If you want to avail the benefits of the card you need to apply for it. You can apply for the card from the physical store of the TJ Maxx and by visiting their online resource as well. All you need is to provide your simple personal information and some transaction history as well.

The transaction history of the customers is used to decide which card is more suitable for them. Two types of the cards are issued by the TJ Maxx these days. The first one is the store card of the company which can be used on the TJ Maxx stores and on its sister stores as well.

The second card of the company is known as TJ Maxx Platinum Master card which can be used anywhere in the world where master cards are accepted.

Credit Score of TJ Maxx Credit Card

Your credit score is going to decide which card you qualify for. People who are having a low credit score are likely to qualify for the TJ Maxx store card only. If you are having a good credit score than you can qualify for the TJ Maxx platinum card as well.

You need to have at least 600 score to qualify for the TJ Maxx credit cards. If the credit score is higher than 700 you can become a member of TJ Maxx Platinum credit card which can be used anywhere in the world.

The low credit score is bad for you because with a low credit score you won’t qualify for the rewards of the TJ Maxx.

The more credit score means you can qualify for all the rewards of the company and earn good amount of discount from them. The more savings are given to the customers with higher credit score.

Tj Maxx Credit Card Login

Some of the features of the card are awesome for sure and make you think that this card is suitable for you. You can apply for the card and get a lot of benefits from it.

If you are looking to get this card you need to sign up for it. The signup for the card will need some simple information and credit score from you. These things are going to determine which card suits you more.

After signing up for the card you are given a resource for the log in as well. This online resource will help you manage your card in all the possible means.

You can easily check your balances using the online resource given to you by the TJ Maxx. You can also have paperless statements as well from the company.

You can keep a good track for all your transaction from the account. You can check all the history as well. You can send money as well after logging in to your account. Pay all of your bills easily from your online account of the TJ Maxx.

Tj Maxx Credit Card Payment

Payment with the TJ Maxx credit card is very easy for all the customers. You can easily pay all of your bills online and offline as well. The payment on the TJ Maxx stores and the entire partner stores of the company as well.

If you are having the master card of the company then it can be used all over the world wherever master cards are accepted.

The card has totally revolutionized the payment method. Especially if you are a regular customer of the company than the payment for you is made easier than ever.

Tj Maxx Credit Card Features

Like most other cards in the market TJ Maxx credit card has no annual fees. This means you can use the card for free.

They also give you a reward on your first purchase from the card. You will get a 10% off from the first purchase made using the TJ Maxx credit card.

You are also given 5 points for spending on the TJ Maxx and its stores as well. On the basis of these points than different rewards are given to the customers.

Rewards from TJ Maxx

Both the cards of TJ Maxx are giving good rewards and bonuses to the members of the card. For spending a single dollar on the TJ Maxx stores or on the sister stores of the company you are given 5 points by the company.

For the master card holders the points system is functional. They are given single points for their spending of a single dollar all over the world. Both the card owners can then redeem their points for the cash.

1000 points will give you a reward of 10$. The reward can only be used at the TJ Maxx stores in the country and on their chain of other stores.

  • Discount on Your First Purchase

Like all other card holders in the world, TJ Maxx is also giving different rewards and offers to the new members. You are given a discount of 10% on the first purchase from the card.

This offer can easily be used at the stores of TJ Maxx and other stores of its chain as well. This is more useful when you are looking to make a big purchase from the stores. The 10% discount from a big purchase is very helpful.

The first purchase can give you good amount of discount and at the same time you also earn points for spending and that can help when you redeem those points.

The most important thing while choosing a credit card is to look at the interest rate which the card is providing to its customers. The annual fee is also something which needs to be considered.

As we know the TJ Maxx credit card is not having any annual fee which means you don’t have to pay anything to the company monthly and can easily use it for the whole year.

  • Managing the Interest Rate of the Card

The store cards of all the companies mostly have high APR rates which is something bad for them. Both the cards of the TJ Maxx carry an APR of 28.49%.

The APR of the card keep changing as well with the market rate all over the country. They will give you 23 days after the close of the billing cycle. Try to pay your interest on times. If you pay all the dues on the time the APR rate of the credit card won’t affect you much.

  • Minimum Interest Rate

If you are unable to pay the debts of the company you will be charged interest rate for sure. The minimum interest rate of the company is $2.

The late payment fee is also taken from the account holders. They will be charged at least $35 from the customers for paying their interest late.

No matter which card of the company you are using, it is very important to pay all your balances on time otherwise you may have to pay high interest rates to them.

This is going to increase your credit rating as well. You can easily increase your credit rating by paying all of your dues on time to them and get a good credit score as well.

If you cannot manage things easily and your balances carry for months you need to choose a card which has lower APR rates. The late and high balances on your side can also kill your rewards so you need to pay them on time.

  • Special Financing by the Tj Maxx

One of the disadvantages of this card is that it is not offering any special financing offers to the customers. Neither you are given introductory 0% APR rates to the cardholders of the TJ Maxx. These things are very helpful for you if you are paying your balances on time.

Many other cards in the world are giving 0% APR rates to the customers on the transfer of balance and purchases as well. This can actually save a lot of money for you so you should try to choose card which is giving these offers.

Tj Maxx Credit Card Customer Service

You may find sometime serious problems in the services of the card. However they are always ready to solve your problems with the minimum time.

Tj Maxx Credit Card Toll Free Numbers

The first and the easiest way to access them are using the toll free numbers of the company. You can register your complaints to them using the free numbers of the TJ Maxx. You can access these numbers during the working days only.

The toll free number of the company is given below which can be reached during the working hours from Monday to Friday.


If you want to register a complaint to them and are from outside the US then you need to use the following number.


The contact numbers of all the partner stores of the company are also given below. You can shop from them using the TJ Maxx cards and contact them in case you are having any issues in the card.

HomeGoods contact number


Homesense contact number


Marshalls contact number


Sierra Trading post contact number


You can use these numbers if you are having any issue while shopping from these stores in the country using the TJ Maxx credit cards.

They will solve your problem as soon as possible. If it is not addressed here you can contact headquarter of TJ Maxx whose details are given above.

Mailing Address of TJ Maxx

You can also forward your complaints and all other issues to the company using the mailing address of the company. They will look into your problem and then try to solve it as soon as possible.

The mailing address of the company is;

The TJX Companies, Inc.

770 Cochituate Road

Framingham, MA 01701

Social handles of the TJ Maxx

The company shares the information about the latest offers and rewards by it using the social media as well. You can stay in touch with them using the social media as well. You can also send your problem and complaints to them using the social media.



Questions about rewards

You can also ask questions from them about the rewards programs which are running currently. Both the cards of the company are having a dedicated customer care which can be contacted using the phone numbers of the company.

You can contact them and ask questions about the card and the rewards of the cards as well. The phone numbers of the company are;

TJX Rewards® Credit Card: 1-800-952-6133
TJX Rewards® Platinum MasterCard®: 1-877-890-3150


You cannot expect good things from credit cards only because they all have bad points as well. Like all other cards this one also has some disadvantages as well but at the same time it gives a lot of comforts to the customers.

There are benefits and at the same time there are some bad aspects of the card as well. The credit cards by TJ Maxx are useful more to the people who are visiting the TJ Maxx stores frequently. Even if you are a frequent shopper of Marshalls, Sierra Trading post stores and HomeGoods this is a good card for you.

The purchasing from these stores will give you rewards as well. You cannot avail these rewards from any other credit card.

Good for Frequent Shoppers

The frequent shoppers from these stores can earn a good amount of reward from them and have good amount of discount as well.

If you are looking to buy a costly product from the store try to get the card of the company because with the card you can have a discount of 10% on your first purchase.

If you are not a frequent visitor of their stores this card is not good for you. You should compare all other cards and select a suitable from them.

Many other cards are also giving good amount of points which can be redeemed at the stores of the country. You can redeem the points of those companies for cash as well as for other opportunities as well.

Other cards in the market are also going to give you more benefits in terms of the sign up bonuses and other rewards. They also have lower APR rates which can result in huge discounts and savings for you.

You must have visited other cards as well which are given by other stores and have pretty good experience with them. Compare all the cards you have used so far and then decide which card is more suitable for the customers.

If you think some other card is even better to use and give more benefits and rewards as compared to the TJ Maxx credit cards mention them in the comments below. So that we can share some detail about them as well with our readers and guide them.

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