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Credit Card Review

What is TJX Credit Card? Part of what makes TJX best is its usage in revamping credit card score. Though it doesn’t carry the best rewards for students and people with low, and average card score. But it’s a worth having if you need to apply for a credit and get accepted fast.  You need to build the credit score, as well as earn a reward as one could use this credit card anywhere. It can pay your restaurants bills, cash out at your grocery store, or do some shopping, among others.

TJX Credit Card Perks

TJX Credit Cards
TJX Credit Cards

If you’re going to apply for this credit card, it’s ideal to understand its perks. Isn’t it? But before that, it’s a matter of utmost importance to understand something.  Go for this card if you’re a loyal fan of the T.J.Maxx’s, Home Goods, Marshall’s, or Sierra Trading Post. If you’re not one, better pick some other credit cards.

  • Get 10% Discount on Purchases

First, you‘ll get a 10% discount on your first buy. This‘s a worthy offer. And put in mind that it’s valid if you do shop at the T.J, Max, Home Goods, and Sierra trading post. Also, you’ll be eligible for the 10%bonus.

  • Redeem 1000 Points For $10 Certificate.

Likewise, you’ll also earn a reward when you shop at the T.J. Max and in other related joints. The latter could is redeemable anytime, and there’s no limit on how much reward one could earn. Also, the rewards have no expiry date and are redeemable for a $10 certificate.

  • Shopping Perks.

If you sign up for this card, you’ll get special shopping hours and unique fashion experiences.  Plus be able to withdraw funds at the ATM, of course, it’s something that any credit card could provide! But, while shopping you’ll get added security benefits.

You’ll receive fraud protection cover. Thus, you’ll not be eligible for any purchases without your authorisation. You’ll also get the identity theft resolution cover. And receive help incise of stolen credit cards

There’s the shopping offer. And you could get an extended warranty, for items purchased using this credit card.

TJX Travel Befits

The card doesn’t offer that much travel benefits as other similar ones. But, once you’re approved, you‘ll receive an auto collisions damage waiver. The latter caters for damage rental cards, but those that their car rental insurance is declined.

  • Its Reward Doesn’t Expire.

Though the credit card doesn’t carry many rewards, one could review and redeem earned rewards anytime. Their rewards do not expire and there is no limit to how much reward one could withdraw. This is one of the salient features of the credit card that’s similar to other premier ones of its kind.

These’re some of the TJX credit card perks. , these are the only stealer benefits! But judging by what other similar credit cards offer, its rewards, shopping benefits, and more, this card stand no chance among the best. But is still perfect for those that want to revamp the credit score, get some rewards, and of course the 10% discount on purchases, among others.

  • TJX Disadvantages.

Having reviewed the card pros, it’s to do so for cons. This way, you’ll be able to get an informed opinion if you’ll go for this card or not.

  • Imperfect for Non-TJ Maxx Shoppers

First, this card reward seems to benefit the most those who shop at the TJ Maxx and its affiliated brands. If you don’t, you will not benefit the most. This’s something uncommon for people to do. And it’s impossible to just restrict your shopping to the T.J Maxx and its affiliated brands.

  • Gift Reward Certificate Not Enough

Secondly, the 5% gift certificate reward seems like a joke to me. Most similar credit cards offer a 5% cash bonus. This way, you could shop and calculate a % % of your shopping as a reward. But having to earn this certificate on a 1000 point is not fair.

  • Subnormal APR rate

The credit card charges a high-interest rate. Most credit cards have the variable interest rates. And this ranges from 18- 24. However, a rate of “26.9 % is large. And comparing this to the card benefits, this will soak all of them.

The card is issued by the Synchrony Financial, which is a leading United States credit card issuance. However, they restrict the credit limit for this card at $10000. Also, this limit will drastically reduce is you don’t pay your credit on time.

TJX Rewards Program

With the card advantages and disadvantages, you’ll need an extra source of benefits. This way you could reduce their higher APR rate and benefit the most. And the good news is that there are multivariate reward programs that you could enter

First, to participate in this reward program, you must be of 18 years of age or older. You should also have an email address. The latter applies for those who have not registered for this card.

But if you have done so, you’ll be automatically enrolled. Those that enter the reward program and are accepted will receive a 10% of the amount of their next purchase. But you must have clocked 1000 points. This’s one of the card juiciest offers

Some of the other reward benefits include getting the opportunity to have exclusive shopping hours, get a notification on fashion events, of course, they usually come with a discount, and have the chance to enter their sweepstake

TJX Credit Card Verdict

After analysing its pros, cons, and programs, the card is worthy to have. But you must shop at the T.J.Maxx and its outlets frequently. But when it comes to the interest rates, credit limit, and other rewards, there‘re better and more serious credit cards. Only consider applying for this if you‘ve exhausted other option, and needing to benefit out of their $10000 credit limit.

Applying For TJX Credit Card

If you‘ve decided to go for this credit card, you’ll need to understand its application process. Despite not having some of the best perks, it’s issued by a renowned bank – the scyrony bank. And they tend to reject an application that is improperly made.

Understandably one could apply for this credit card, instore or online, of course, either process has same application procedure. But to qualify, you must have a good credit card rating.It should be not less than 620

But the good news is that there‘re multivariate TJX Credit Cards. Therefore, if you don’t qualify for one that you’ve applied for, you could apply for another.

TJX Credit Card Application Process

Applying for this card online seems superior to instore. But that’s something that you’ll decide. When you’re ready to apply online, visit the official application site. You‘d do that by a simple search engine search.

To commence the process you’ll need to enter your personal data.  And this‘s a salient matter as the same is needed by the federal. You’ll have to provide your name, address, city, zip code, phone number, and your email address, among others.

The good news is that the process is simple. You‘ll have to read and enter the required details in the respective box. And why this method is superior is that there will asterisks marks that‘ll guide you in entering any data you omit.

After submitting all the relevant, required, and necessary documentation, you could head to accept the term of service and you‘ll be done with the process.

Managing Your TJX Credit Card

Once you have applies and verified, you’ll need to understand how you could manage the credit card. This way you will be able to receive up-to-date offers and take advantage of them.

The simplest of all method is to create an online account with the Synchrony bank. This way you‘ll be able to manage your card by yourself. Likewise, you could log in to mobile, PC, or any other device and check for balances, make payment and do more.

There‘re other benefits to login to their website. You’ll be able to review your bank statement and detect any suspicious activity. This way you could ask for a credit card problem to be mend before it gets out of hand.

And the good news is that TJX max customer service is active on the different social media channels. You could be able to reach out with your query and get even faster assistance in the management of your card.

Types of TJX Credit Cards

There are two types of TJX credit cards; TJX reward credit card and master card. Understandably, if you apply for the platinum card unsuccessfully, you’ll automatically qualify for the TJX reward credit card. But this will be subject to other factors.

Overall, some of the TJX card features include a cash advance APR rate of 27.99%, a late penalty fee of $10 or $% and a foreign transaction fee of 3%. These are some of its other features.

TJX Credit Card Customer Service

If you are having any query and need to contact TJX credit card customer services, there are different methods that you could use. And the good news is that the TJX customer service responds to queries fast making it even easy to get help. Some of  the contact methods include

  • Submitting A Query On Their Website

If you need help, visit the TJX reward credit card website. Once you are in, you could fill in your personal details and proceed to provide a comment. This is a fast method and it enables one to submit long queries.

However, to get the best out of the above method, you’ll need to create an online account with them. This way, you will be able to just log in and do even more beside contacting. Clients that have an online account with the TJX could check their statement, check balance, and receive updates on offers, among others.

  • Contacting TJX via Social Media.

Nowadays, social media has become the most sort out means of communication. And the good news is that the TJX have active social media channels. You could reach out on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, among others.

Notably, there are live social media links and you could even get aid faster than expected. Here you could talk to the nearest customer agent and get immediate feedback or be redirected to where you could get help.

  • Contacting Via Mobile.

If you need to give them a call, and their call wait time is approximated to be ten minutes, dial 1 844 416 8289. However, you ‘ll need to be patient at times as not all the time you will get an instant call agent

  • Visiting Their FAQ Page.

This page is privy and will provide you with the much-needed details and similar queries that clients have faced. You could read the multiple questions and answers and come up with a solution to your query. There are other of its website pages that you could visit and will be helpful.

These are some of the contact methods you could use to reach out. However, you could just hit the “contact us’’ page and everything will be sorted out. You will get multivariate calls, emails, among other contact methods.

Alternatives to TJX Credit Card

Since the card perks are not that best for people wanting to build credit card score, students, and those applying for a credit card for the first time . It is sensible to apply for this card alongside others. Or do so when you’ve exhausted all other options.

But the good news is that there is dozens credit card out there with perfect perks that you should consider applying. Some of these are issued by premier banks and offer the best reward and cash back sing up bonuses.

The Chase Freedom Unlimited® Card

One of the perfect credit card for earning cash rewards. This card comes with enticing offers and some that any person looking to save of spending would fall for.

It 1.5% cash back bonus is something uncommon with the even so-called perfect credit cards. And one of its salient features is that it could be paired with other cards providing perfect rewards.

Some of the other features that make it superb compared to the Taj Maxx reward credit card include the earning of $150 bonus after you spend a minimum of $500 within 3 months from account opening

Also, the card carries no intro APR on purchase for the first 15 months. This is a worthy offer that anybody looking to revamp credit card core will go for.

Lastly, its balance of transfer is 5% or a minimum of $5, whichever is greater and has a variable APR rate of 16.74- 25.49. The latter are considerate and are no way comparable to TJX credit card.

However, the only limitation is that you must have a superb credit card score to qualify for this credit card. And this is something that you could build with the TJX credit card and later apply for this card.

Discover it® Student Chrome

This is one of the credit cards that has even surpassing benefits than the one above. It comes with no annual fees, something common with most credit cards. But its perfect card for students and those that need to revamp credit card score.

This card carries a 10.99% balance on transfer APR rate- something uncommon with the most credit card, especially for people with a poor score. It also comes with a freeze it option that acts as an added layer of security. This prevents unauthorised people from making a purchase using your credit card

And the most salient feature is the unlimited dollar to dollar match. With the latte, you could end up earning plenty of rewards. You could also earn 1% cash back on purchases. A 2% cash back rate at the gas station and similar amount at the restaurant, if you spend an amount that’s equivalent to $1000.

This card is way superb and it has the bonus offer for the new applicants. All of them will get an unlimited dollar –to –dollar match. And the cash back they earned can be redeemed within one or two billing periods since the day of account opening.

Capital One Secured Master Card.

The thing about this card is the security deposit it avails. Similar to most secured credit cards; the amount of your security will determine the credit limit. But this card has more to offer. First, you get to pay zero annual fees. This’s something that most people with a poor credit card score or student applying for a credit card for the first time would cherish.

And by the fact that the credit card offers a reasonable security deposit, a minimum of $49 and a maximum of $200, you‘ll not worry much about breaking your bank. The security deposit rate I affordable to all.

Some of its other features include receiving a higher credit line after making five timely payments and you’ll get a 24 hours customer service among others. The card has a variable APR of 24.49 % and carries no annual transfer fees.