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Union Plus Credit Card Review (4 FAQs)

Credit Card Review

Union Plus Credit Card is offered by the Union or Union Plus under its financial assistance programs for the members of the Union. Union Plus benefits are offered to the members and the family members of the Union Plus. Union Plus is a non-profit organization aiming at bringing improvements and balance to the lives of the workers by offering them various services and benefits through the platform of Union Plus benefit programs. Several products and services can be availed by the members of the Union at discounted rates than the ones offered in the market. This serves the members of the union in good and bad time, which is the motto of the Union.

Union plus Financial Assistance Program and Credit Card

Union Plus Credit Card
Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus financial assistance programs are diverse in nature and they cover various kinds of assistances to the members and card holders during normal days and during the days of the strikes. The Union Plus Credit Card is a part of the Union Plus financial benefit program as in case the members and the family members of the Union workers purchase anything through the Union Plus Credit Card, they will get several monetary benefits. The monetary benefits are in terms of Cash backs, discounts and other benefits.

Union Plus Credit Card and Capital One

The services of Union Plus are being offered since 1986 to the members of the Union and their families where Union Plus Credit Card is one of the prominent services. The Union Plus Credit Card is powered by Capital One which is a financial corporation and a holding company providing services in the areas of banking, loans and credit cards.

Capital One Financial Corporation

Capital One is one of the largest banks in the United States of America which is listed at No. 11 on the list of the largest banks in the United States. The bank is headquartered at McLaen Virginia where it was founded in 1988 some 30 years ago. The bank is listed on the New York stock exchange and S&P index 100 & 500. The company is part of the Fortune 500 companies which are the biggest companies all over the world. In this list, the company is listed currently at 101st location. The bank has around 755 branches located all over the country while it also has around 30 café style locations. The presence of the company besides United States of America is in Canada and the United Kingdom. The company also runs around 2000 ATMs all over the United States and in countries where the banks’ branches are present. It is also one of the biggest employers all over the world as currently around 50,000 people are working at various positions at Capital One.

The major revenue stream of the company is generated through the credit cards business which accounts for around 62% of the revenue stream. In the decade 1990s, the company ran the worldwide marketing campaigns for the promotion of credit cards which brought the credit cards to the mainstream.

The credit cards of the Union Plus are powered by Capital One which is offering extraordinary services for the members of the Union and their families.

What is the Eligibility for Getting the Union Plus Credit Card?

The Union Card can be obtained by the members of the Union and their family members. The members of the Union need to enroll on the website of the credit card which is a new requirement after the introduction of the latest technology.

Union Plus Account

The users have to provide their personal information for verification which they are applying for the Union Plus Credit Card some of the common personal information which needs to be provided include the social security Number and Credit Card information of the person. The basic eligibility of the person is determined on the basis of this information provided by the users. It needs to be said that the personal information provided to the user is completely secure. It is one of the major priority of Capital One to keep the personal information of the user safe and secure. State of the art and modern encryption techniques are being employed in order to keep the information from being stolen.

Signing In to the Account

After this, the user has to create a username on the new website or linking some of the account to the website.

Account History for your Account

Through the account, you will be able to account history for up to 12 months while the 6 months transaction history can also be obtained. This is applicable when you are moving from the old account to the new account. The additional statement and the transaction history being created will build up and can be reviewed over the course of time.

Users availing other services of Capital One

In case you are already using some other service offered by Capital One, you will be asked to link those information to your Union Plus Credit Card Account so all the accounts can be viewed at one place.

Who should Get the Union plus Credit Card?

Among the people who are eligible to get the Union plus Credit Card, the labors are best advised to get this card as the services they will be able to avail here will not be offered by any other card. Some of the services are exclusively offered on these cards which will not be accessible to the common users of other credit cards.

What are the Benefits Offered by the Union Plus Credit Card?

The credit cards of Union Plus are usually master cards which have wide range of accessibility all over the world. A huge number of retail and commerce companies, shopping malls and food chains accept the credit cards for making payments. Almost all credit card providers provide special benefits to the users of their credit card, however, the credit cards offered by Union Plus are best suited for the members of the Union. There are a number of benefits which are available to the users of the credit card when they try to purchase products and make payment through the Union plus Credit card. Some of the benefits which are offered to the users of the Union Plus card are listed as below:

  1. Cash Back: Cash backs are offered when something is purchased through the credit card. It means that some amount is returned back to the users which can then be used in purchasing other stuff. When the users purchase stuff through the Union plus Credit Card, flat 1.5% cash back is offered which can be used for purchasing other stuff or as a discount for other services. There is no limit to the amount of cash back which means that any amount can be accumulated for making the purchases. More cash back amount will be accumulated for making huge purchases so in this case it is advised that the Union plus Credit Card may be used as much as required in order to get as much reward as possible.


  1. No Annual Fee: Most of the Credit Cards in the world require some annual fee to be paid for using the credit card. The annual fee has to be paid no matter if you use the card or not. The annual fee run in several dollars which is usually a huge amount for certain users. However, in case of Union plus credit cards, no annual fee needs to be paid which saves quite a few dollars for the users. This greatly help the workers who are short of cash and require some sort relief to get back on their feet. No annual fee or any other additional charges if the dues of the credit card are paid well in time. Some interest charges may involve if the due date of the pending payments is crossed.


  1. Intro APR: Intro APR is an incredible service which is offered by the Union plus credit card which is not offered by most of the credit cards available in different parts of the world. The Union plus credit card offers you the Intro APR service which means that making purchases on installment basis does not require you to pay any interest for almost one year. It means that for one year after the credit card has been obtained by the user, interest free services are offered to the people. Most people want to purchase stuff but they are unable to pay the interest. In this case, the Union plus Credit Card’s Intro APR service is one of the best in the world as it highly enables the people to make purchases without having to pay any interest in the first year.


  1. Balance Transfer: The Union plus Credit Card offers the extraordinary balance transfer service which helps the users maintain their credit rating. Through the balance transfer service, the users can transfer the debt from one credit card to the other credit cards. The balance transfer services offered by Union plus are highly competitive as you can transfer credit debt from the Union plus credit card just by paying a 3% transfer fee.


  1. No Over-limit Fee: Most of the credit cards in the world charge some fee when the user crosses the limit for the month. The over limit depends upon the packages availed by the user. Sometimes, it so happens that the user needs to buy something which is valued above the spending limit or sometimes the spending limit is accidently crossed without knowing. In such cases, when the users cross the spending limit most of the credit cards charge a fee but this does not happen with the Union plus credit card. No fee will be charged for crossing the spending limit though the user has to pay the dues within the specified period of time. When the dues are paid within time, no charges have to be paid.


  1. Skip Payment options: When the users are suffering from financial issues and they are unable to pay the due amount of the credit card, they can skip two payments during a period of twelve months. This helps the users when they are under cash strain, however, payment has to be made after two months.


  1. Cash Advance: The Union plus Credit Card allows you to take the cash out using the credit card. Most of the credit cards do not offer this service and allow the users to take the cash advance from the credit card but the Union plus credit card does that. When the users pay the cash back, only 4% fee has to be paid or a fix 10$ depending upon which one of these is a greater amount. This is a great service considering that sometimes the users need cash money in order to do something which cannot be done with the credit card swiping and hence the Union Plus facilities them in this way. Only a reasonable amount of fee has to be paid which is usually very high in other cases.


  1. No Foreign Transaction Fee: One of the biggest problems which are faced by the users of the credit card is that when they go abroad and try to use the credit card for making payment, they have to pay hefty foreign transaction fees. This greatly hampers the ability of the users to use the card outside the country as the fees involved are high. This greatly reduces the effectiveness and productivity of the credit cards as the prices of the things increase incredibly. However, with the Union plus credit card no foreign transaction fees have to be paid. No matter where you are in any part of the world, you can use the credit card to make a purchase without having to pay any extra fee.


  1. Rebates and Discounts: Most of the credit cards in the world offer discounts and rebates after making partnership with other companies. In this way the sale of the other companies increase while the users of the credit card get better deals. With the union plus credit card, rebates and discounts can be obtained from a number of companies and malls including Union plus Motor Club, Car Rentals, Teleflora and AT&T. This is an extraordinary feature which helps the users purchase the stuff at discount which they rather could not.


  1. Grants: As a member of Union in any part of the world, things can go south for the workers. They may have to strike for their rights or they may be removed from their jobs. There is no credit card in the world which comes to the rescue of the poor workers who needs a stream of payment to be able to live their smooth life. In such cases the Union plus credit card comes in handy for the workers as it offers them extraordinary services. The users of the card are paid a grant of around $300 if they have been using the card for around 3 months. There are other kinds of grants which are offered in various cases such as disability and hospital charges. The costs involved are covered by the Credit Card which allows the users to get better healthcare.


  1. Additional Services: There are a number of other services and protections which are offered to the users of the Union plus credit card. Some of the additional services are the insurance claims for a number of products. For example, in case you are a holder of the Union plus credit card, you will get insurance if your car got damaged. The damage cost is covered for various other services as well.   


  1. Union plus Scholarship Program: The scholarship is one of the services offered to the children of the union members who are studying and need financial assistance to pursue their career. The fund allocated has provided scholarships of up to $1.7 million to the users of the card.


  1. Union plus Loan Program: It is an extraordinary service offered by Union plus which helps the users in their hour of need. The users have an access to the loan which can be availed whenever they are in need of it.


  1. Customer Service: The customer services offered by Union plus is one of the best among all the credit card services provider. The customer services are offered 24/7 and the users can ask Solutions to their issues at any time.


What are the Common Reviews of the Union plus Credit Card?

If you read the reviews for the Union plus credit card on the internet you will come around a wide range of reviews by the people who have been using the card for a long period of time. A general assessment of the reviews show that the credit card is best suited for the members of the union and the services offered by the credit card are highly oriented towards the members. In case you are a Union member, there isn’t any other credit card in the world which would offer services on the same level.