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What is VS Credit Card? The modern world has increased the needs of the people and at the same time, they have upgraded their life using different technological advancements in the world.

There are many new things in the financial world and the best of it is the invention of the credit cards which has eased the life of the people all over the world.

You can easily use these cards and the best thing about these cards is that most of them are specific to a single brand which means you can use them for them specially and get awesome discounts and offers from them in return.

They also provide you security as well because you don’t have to keep the cash with yourself all the time and you can easily use this credit card for all the needed bank transactions and online shopping as well.

These cards are very easy to carry as well; these are some of the benefits which are making sure that people prefer them over the traditional ways of using the cash for all of their needs.

You can choose a card after looking at your needs and payment terms and conditions of that card.

VS Credit Card

VS Credit Card
VS Credit Card

We all are familiar with the name of Comenity in the banking field and this card is another services provide by this bank which further increases the trust of the people in this card and they happily look forward to using it for their needs.

The word VS means Victoria Secret and the name itself are very classic and help people trust this credit card by Comenity.

  • Helps you take smart decisions

This banks help people make smart decisions and keep them well informed about all their financial activity and the best thing is that they are the in charge of their financial needs.

Comenity also provides you different educational resources to get to the place you want to be and become successful in life.

You can get different tips from them as far as credit management is concerned and they can give you tips for online security as well.

You will get different things from them and resources as well which are going to help you manage your budget more easily.

Comenity is working with many other companies as well and love to give them the best atmosphere for the business and cash management in the world.

They are working all over the world to work with the customers like you and give them the best they have. In short, you will easily optimize all of your finances using the credit card by VS.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Application

The application form of the credit card is quite simple and you can easily apply for this credit card. They have a lot of benefits which makes it one of the best credit cards for use.

You also have the option with this credit card to choose the design of your own. They will ask for the personal information and then help you get this credit card.

You need to provide simple information which includes the postal address and some other previous banking details as well. You also need to provide your social security number to this credit card.

You can insert the date of the birth as well on the application form of the credit card. They will also ask for your annual income on the application form.

  • Contact information

The credit card will also ask for all of your contact information and that is needed to contact you and send you all the necessary details.

You must have a street address to open an account with this credit card, provide them your street, rural address and the zip code of the city as well.

Make sure that all the provided information is true to your knowledge because that will help you in the future when the company will try to contact you for different things.

Provide them with your current email address, mobile number, and the alternate mobile number as well.

By giving all this information you also agree that the bank can contact you on a regular basis whenever they need something from you.

  • Add another Buyer to the Account

VS Credit Card also allow you to add another user to your account which is not less than a blessing for the customers. You need to purchase another user on the account.

The primary account holder of the account is then responsible for the payments and all the purchases made on their account.

The best thing about them is that you can add up to four people on your credit card account. It is very easy and convenient and easy to add another user to your account.

  • Some exclusive benefits

The customers of this credit card can enjoy some awesome perks while using the VS Credit Card. They can easily manage their financial life and at the same time enjoy these benefits of the credit card.

The moment you sign up for the credit card, you are going to get $15 from the company and another eBook which contains some awesome offers of the credit card company.

They are very much caring about their customers and that is why the company is giving away gifts to the customers on special occasions like their birthdays. This shows that they care a lot, of their customers and have an eye on small details as well.

  • Free shipping as well

You are also given free shipping by the company for some of the products and that is what makes them the best company in the world when it comes to the credit card.

There are many other rewards which are given to the customers for different things using the VS Credit Card.

They will also invite you to different events throughout the year and many other perks like access to some of the most VIP events in the country.

These are just some of the benefits which are given by the company when you sign up for the credit card. The more you shop with them, the more benefits they will give to their customers.

They will also provide you 100 bonus points when you spend more than $50 on the purchase of the gift card from the VS Credit Card.

VS Credit Card Login

When you are done with the application, the next step is to sign up for the credit card online portal which is another blessing for the customers.

They will provide you a complete check and balance on your credit card account and give you complete insight about what all are happening using your credit card.

You can easily edit your information by signing up for the credit card and the best thing is that they also provide you paperless statements online.

This online access in short means that you don’t need to visit the office of the company anymore and perform all necessary tasks from the comfort of your home that too using a simple computer, tablet or smartphone.

All you need is to sign up for the credit card; it also shows you the complete transactions which help you manage your budget more easily. You can easily sign up to the credit card using the username and the password which was given to you at the time of the registration.

  • Your finances in your control

This credit card makes sure that all of your financial happenings are directly in your control. They will educate you about finances and how to manage them more successfully.

They will make you smarter when it comes to your finances. The only key to a stable life these days is linked with making smart decisions when it comes to your financial life.

Comenity provides you an educational resource which makes sure that you have the complete knowledge to do the right thing that too at the right time for your personal affairs.

  • Provide tips

You can easily discover different tips regarding credit management and online security as well.

You have the liberty to know about the budgeting and many more resources are also provided to the customers of VS Credit Card.

As we told you that the bank behind your this credit card is Comenity and is working to provide you the best ever and the most secure service in the world.

Comenity is in the field since very long and has been working with a lot of brands in the world. You can also trust Comenity for the credit services.

It knows what customers want and is working with them to provide the best brands and things to the customers.

The credit programs of the VS Credit Card will connect the loyal shoppers to their respective brands. You can get a lot of tips as well from them to optimize and enhance your shopping experience.

VS Credit Card Rewards

Earning a reward with the credit card is very easy, use the services of the credit card and get rewards from the VS credit card. Get extra bonus and exclusive offers from the customers.

  • Complete hold on the account management

You are your own boss; you can easily manage your account with the VS credit card. You can easily track your credit account anywhere in the world that too anytime.

If you are not registered with the company, then register yourself now and get the most amazing offers from them.

  • 24/7 Access

VS credit card provides 24/7 access to customers with online account management and security as well. Register now for the credit card and get the best thing from them.

Some other benefits

Here are some other benefits of the credit card, which are exclusively for the customers for the angels.

  • Birthday gifts

VS credit card provides birthday gifts to their customers like no one else in the market. You will surely love the gifts provided by VS to the customers.

  • Free shipping

Free shipping is also provided to the customers on some of the purchases made using the credit card of VS.

  • Get different rewards

They have some of the best and exclusive rewards. You also have the option to get the invitations to the events throughout the year which sounds great.

There are some terms and conditions to get these rewards from the company which is discussed below in details.

Active VS Credit Card

Make sure that your account is active; these rewards are only applicable to the active accounts. The accounts which are in good standing have even more chances to get the rewards and perks from the credit card.

Active status of the credit card means that you have made any purchase using the VS credit card during the last 12 months.

Good standing of the account, on the other hand, means that your account is open to receive new charges; it is not flagged as a false or stolen account and is not more than 60 days under the agreement of the credit card.

In order to avail these rewards from the credit card company, provide them an email address at the numbers which are given below.

1-800-695-9478 (TDD/TTY: 1-800-695-1788)

This will make sure that you receive all the new offers and events from the credit card and become ready for them. You can also visit the official website of the VS credit card and subscribe to their email newsletter to get all the updates in your inbox.

The eligibility for the birthday reward is determined by the credit card 2 months prior to your birthday. If you just opened your account and your birthday is very near, then you are going to receive this gift the next year.

Fees of VS Credit Card

It is the best choice for many people because this won’t charge any annual fees from the customers. They do have an interest rate and the current APR of the credit card is 25.99% which is variable.

This can be thought of as high APR but looking at other benefits of the credit card, this is somehow justified.

Make sure that you don’t carry a balance with yourself while using this credit card because then you need to pay heavy charges to them in the name of interest rates and that can be really dangerous for you and negate all other benefits.

You have to pay a lot of interest charges to them if you are carrying a balance with the credit card.

The late fee of the credit card is also quite high and you have to pay $37 for the company.

If you are looking to return a product, then you need to pay return fee to the customer which is $25.

  • Redeem your points

You can easily redeem your points which are earned using the credit card. When you earn 250 points from the credit card you receive a store coupon from them which can be used for the shopping.

If you are an Angel or Angel VIP member then you can get $10 reward from the credit card. When it comes to the Angel forever member then you are going to receive $15 from the company.

When you earn the points from the company, these points are mailed to you within the next 3 to 6 weeks of the earning. The reward issued by the credit card expires after the 90 days.

The points earned from the credit card cannot be used for cash redemption at any place.


The VS credit card has some of the best and unique offers in the market which makes it a good choice for people all over the world. especially for the US residents, the card is very good, they can use it anywhere in the world and in the country as well without any problem.

As we told you that card is issued by a famous bank and you don’t have to worry about any security risk, the credit card will do everything for you and you have to be fearless in using it for all of your financial needs in the world.

The special assistance in online management is another perk offered by the credit card to all of its customers. You also have the option to manage your credit card online and get complete access to all of your account activities online.

They also give you many other perks when you start using the credit card of the company.

People these days use all types of a credit card for their personal use and you must have used many credit cards for your financial needs. Now that you have read the offers and perks this credit card is offering to their customers, what do you think about this credit card?

If you start using this credit card, would you recommend it to your friends and family, if not then which is the card which is hot favorite in your list and can be used for the best financial stability? Do mention your favorite credit card what is the best thing in it which makes it the best for use.